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10 Reasons Not to Get Yourself a .TEL

Don’t get us wrong, we love .TEL. But we concede that it might not be for everyone. Here’s our Webnames.ca top ten list of who doesn’t need a .TEL domain name:

1. You don’t have e-mail
More of a lifestyle symptom than a reason, but if you’ve managed to make it this far without e-mail, you likely have the kind of lifestyle that won’t benefit from a .TEL. If there’s a chance you may one day start using e-mail, you might consider registering a .TEL for the future. .TEL’s are awarded on a first come served basis and www.john-d-smith3821.tel is hard for people to remember.

2. You don’t have any friends
If you have no friends, you probably don’t need to exchange contact information with many people. A .TEL won’t do anything to help the underlying causes however .TEL’s keywords can be used to describe interests, hobbies, skills and expertise and raise your profile in search engines. May even land you a great new job where you can meet new people not to be friends with.

3. You have friends but you don’t like them
Definitely one of the better reasons for not getting a .TEL. Instead of giving your friends, family and business colleagues one simple name that provides access to all your contact information, keep giving them business cards that need to be transcribed, constantly updated and get lost in desk drawers. Write your phone number and e-mail on scraps of paper, hand them out, then change your job/address/phone. Much more frustrating than a single .TEL entry that they will never need to update.

4. You live in a cave
It might seem like a winner, but it’s not a great reason. Not having an address may be a minor inconvenience to some, but not to .TEL. It’s fully able to deal with geo-location information based on latitude and longitude. However, it doesn’t deal well with altitude, so if you live in a hot air balloon, your should definitely pause before rushing out to pre-book a .TEL domain.

5. You don’t have a name
If you formerly had a name, but you’re now only known by a symbol, don’t get a .TEL. The .TEL does not allow symbols or special characters. Only standard alpha-numeric characters and hyphens are allowed.

6. Your name is GrandMasterOfTheUniverseAndNobleLordOfTheSevenRingsOfSlythengard
If you have a name that’s 64 characters, .TEL is not for you. The .TEL only allows for 63 characters. Also, if that really is your name, it’s a fair bet reason number two will be an ancillary factor.

7. You don’t have $20
If that’s true, I’m sorry to hear it. If you do have $20 but you can honestly think of something more worthwhile to do with it on than getting a good .TEL, I hope it’s giving it to the guy that hasn’t got $20.

8. You want to wait and see what happens
I like it. There’s only a few billion people in the target demographic for .TEL. Wait for everyone else to get their names, then jump right in and get yours. If there’s a small chance there may be someone else in the world with the same name as you, you may not want to leave it too long.

9. You’re only seven years old
A very sound and valid reason. It would however be a good idea to ask Santa/Mom/ Dad/Auntie Bessie to pick one up for you though. While you may not need it for many years to come, your .TEL will be something you keep for life and pre-booking early will greatly increase the chances of getting a good .TEL name. If they say no or won’t listen to rational argument, try crying loudly or holding your breath.

10. You own a cat
OK, that’s not really a reason. It’s just that “9 Reasons not to Get Yourself a .TEL” wasn’t as catchy.

And if you don’t fall into any of these categories …
You shoud be pre-booking your .TEL domain beginning October 6, 2008 at www.webnames.ca/tel. Speak to a Webnames.ca .TEL expert today at 1-866-221-7878 to learn more pre-booking.TEL domains for business and personal use.


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