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2013 BCIC – New Ventures Round 2.5 and 3 Companies Announced!

As a sponsor of the BCIC – New Ventures BC Competition, Webnames.ca would like to congratulate all the companies who have qualified for Rounds 2.5 and 3 of the competition.

Rounds 2, called the Feasibility Test, ended on May 9th. Competitors in this round were required to submit a five-page response to specific questions about their business idea. Judges chose the 15 best ideas to advance to Round 3 and another 27 companies to progress to Round 2.5. Round 2.5 will pair the competitors with a mentor to prepare a presentation before a panel of judges. 

The next step for the remaining companies will be to pair up with a mentor to help them expand their ideas into a condensed business plan – an eight-page response to specific questions.

The 15 companies advancing to Round 3 are:

  1. Agile Monitoring Equipment
  2. Blackcomb Design Automation
  3. Codex Systems Inc.
  4. Guardian Angels Electronics Ltd.
  5. Industrial Plankton Inc.
  6. Keycafe Inc.
  7. Mobibranch – TRG Mobileearth Inc.
  8. RebateSpace.com
  9. Rigid Robotics Inc.
  10. Scoop™
  11. SmartPager Systems Inc.
  12. Spokal
  13. Two Hat Security Research Inc.
  14. ViewsIQ Inc.
  15. Vonigo Software Ltd.

The 27 companies advancing to Round 2.5 are:

  1. AbCellera
  2. Accumulated Ocean Energy Inc.
  3. AerialX Drone Solutions Inc.
  4. Archerra Analytics
  5. Blue-O Technology Inc.
  6. Change Heroes
  7. CineCoup Media Inc.
  8. DirtTek Systems Inc.
  9. Ecotagious Inc.
  10. eYourBooks Media Inc.
  11. Global Nano Products Inc.
  13. Jobcast
  14. Just Be Friends Network Incorporated
  15. Kiind Inc.
  16. Mednovel Inc.
  17. MetaOptima Technology Inc.
  18. Nickler Technologies Inc.
  19. Optigo Networks
  20. Pettoo Web Inc.
  21. SEDA
  22. Sieg Consutling
  23. Spruik
  25. Tapstream
  26. Vidigami Media Inc. 
  27. Yactraq Online Inc.

Webnames.ca congratulates all the companies progressing to Round 2.5 and 3 and wish them all the best of luck!

For more information on the BCIC New Ventures Competition, visit their website at http://www.newventuresbc.com.

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