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2014 CIRA Factbook Available Now

The 2014 CIRA Factbook by the Canadian Internet Registration Association (CIRA) is now available! What is this factbook you ask? It’s a compilation of great information about the .CA domain, the Internet industry and the online landscape. From the humble beginnings of the Internet to the massive change we are experiencing right now, the CIRA factbook contains great information for everyone.

CIRA   Canadian Internet Registration Authority   FACTBOOK 2014   Domain Name History

The Factbook has been divided into 5 main sections: 

  1. The History of the Domain Name Industry
  2. The Global Internet
  3. The Canadian Internet
  4. .CA Performance
  5. The Expanding Internet, IPv6

What’s in it?

The Factbook contains very interesting information, combining industry data, trends and facts about the global Internet landscape and .CA’s performance against other domains on the Internet.

  • The history of the .CA… It was started right here, in Vancouver!
  • Canadians spend more time online than anybody else in the world; we spend at least 45 online per month.
  • Canadians are the most engaged and savvy online users!
  • Growth of Canadian e-commerce spending

View the complete Factbook today at: http://cira.ca/factbook/2014/index.html


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