Amp up your productivity with Webnames' new, more powerful webmail

Amp up your productivity with Webnames’ new, more powerful webmail

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Say “hello” to a better, more powerful webmail client.

We are excited to be launching a new webmail platform this week that is both flexible and powerful enough to be used as your primary email client. Our new webmail features a clean and intuitive design, improved mobile experience, and a number of new features to help increase productivity and collaboration among email users on the same domain name.

Better user interface and great features, all just a new sign-in page away

If you go to check your domain email in webmail this week, you will notice a redesigned sign-in page at and an option to login to something called “New Webmail”.

Upon login, your existing emails, folders, contacts, etc., will all be right there at your fingertips – and unlike our previous webmail, the new application will enable you to collaborate across your organization through features like intra-office chat, shared email folders, calendars, contact lists and more.



Improved mobile experience

If you’re anything like us, managing and responding to email on your smartphone is a part of daily life. Our new webmail now looks, feels and performs significantly better on your smartphone, making it easier to work productively when you’re away from your desk or laptop.


But I like my current webmail the way it is …

We understand that a lot of our email customers are perfectly happy with their existing webmail set-up. If this describes you, rest assured, both our legacy webmail and Pronto webmail are not going anywhere anytime soon.
We do however invite you to explore our new webmail at your own pace. We believe the improved user experience and new features are worth the small learning curve.

Don’t have email that matches your domain in place yet? Let’s get you set up ASAP!

Numerous studies have shown that prospects and customers are far more likely to trust and choose a business with a professional email address over one using an email like, and yet many small businesses are still not using domain-based email. We are so dependant on our email that even changing to something more beneficial for our business and brand can feel intimidating.

That’s where we can step in. Our customer support team can get you and your staff up and running with domain-based email quickly on whatever client you prefer – Webnames Webmail, Outlook, Apple Mail or even your existing Gmail account, if that’s your jam! Get started with secure, Canadian-hosted email at your business domain for as little as $1.00/month per account and start promoting your brand, instead of someone else’s.

Have Questions or Require Assistance?

Need help setting-up or using Webnames domain-based email? Every member of our award-winning team is trained to provide you the technical support you need via phone, email or chat 7-days/week. Simply call us toll-free at 1-866-221-7878, strike up an online chat or email for assistance.

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