BC Provincial Government Responds to Employer Needs with Co-Op Education Program

In my role as Vice-Chair of the Small Business Roundtable of BC, I work with industry leaders and other small business owners to identify key issues and opportunities facing small businesses in British Columbia and to develop recommendations for small business and government on strategies to enhance small business growth and success.

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Webnames.ca Proud to Support Vancouver Sun Adopt-a-School Campaign

On November 10, the 2012 the Vancouver Sun Kids Fund launched its second Adopt-a-School campaign. Last year’s campaign was a huge success , raising $800k in 2011 to feed and support hungry and needy kids in our local schools. Following the success of last year’s campaign, the Vancouver Sun Kids Fund hopes to replicate it again this year.

Please read the inspiring stories of how local people and businesses are stepping up to help local children in need. I’m honoured to be part of the team supporting this program and my company, Webnames.ca, is doing our small part as a sponsor. No matter whether you have a little or a lot to give, please help and share.

Teacher Carrie Gelson says next step, looking beyond immediate needs of poor kids

For Gelson, a teacher at Seymour since 1995, the situation inside her school has improved greatly; however, she notes little has changed outside the school grounds. Kids still come to school hungry and often tired because prank fire alarms in their housing complex wake them in early morning hours; a few are unable to concentrate because they’re covered with bedbug bites. [Read more]

Inner-city school food deliveries switch to centres for summer

When Jim Duggan dived head first into helping poor inner-city families receive fresh fruit and vegetables, he didn’t realize how fathomless is the pool of want. Inspired to help by The Sun’s Adopt-a-School stories describing the needs of poverty-stricken children and families, Duggan pledged to spend $500 a month on fruit and vegetables and distribute them to the poor.

Since March he has provided almost 7,000 pounds of produce – 3½ tonnes – to help supplement the emergency food supplies that a number of inner-city schools and community centres distribute monthly to desperate families. [Read more]

For more inspirational stories visit:

Easy ways to support:

1. Go get a copy of the Vancouver Sun or read it online. Share the stories: http://www.vansunkidsfund.ca/

2. LIKE http://www.facebook.com/VanSunKidsFund and TELUS will generously donate $1 for each like. The aim is to get to 20,000!

3. If you have a Twitter account, I’ll be tweeting from @cybelenegris using hashtag #vansunkids Feel free to Retweet or come up with your own

4. Donate online at https://vancouverfoundation.ca/VanSunKidsfund/donateonline.asp

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The Small Business Accord initiative – Your Feedback is Needed

As Vice-Chair of BC’s Small Business Roundtable, I would like to invite the entire small business community in BC to offer their feedback on what will help their business be more successful.

Naomi Yamamoto, our new Minister of State for Small Business has announced today the launch of The Small Business Accord initiative. The ultimate goal is to gather information from all of you so that we can provide guidance to government to ensure that proper tools, support and regulations are developed to make BC one of the most business-friendly jurisdictions in the country. 

Here are ways to engage:

1.    Online survey at http://www.bcjobsplan.ca/bc-small-business-accord-survey/.  This survey provides small businesses throughout the province an opportunity to provide feedback to help government develop key guiding principles that should be included in the Small Business Accord.

2.    Minister Bill Bennett will be hosting a Twitter Town Hall October 23rd from 3:30-4:30pm under the hashtag #BCBizChat. His chat will focus on local government and supports for businesses. More information is available at http://www.bcjobsplan.ca/bcbizchat-business-in-bc/

3.    Minister Yamamoto will also be engaging in a Twitter Town Hall on October 30th from 7:30-8:30pm. Please promote #BCBizChat.

For more information on the Small Business Accord, visit http://www.newsroom.gov.bc.ca/2012/10/consultation-begins-on-bc-small-business-accord.html.

Please make your voice heard. This is your opportunity to participate in an initiative that will affect your business in the future!

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How to Integrate Google Analytics Into Your .TEL

.TEL owners with Google Analytics accounts can measure click and call activity on their .TEL domains. Google Analytics can provide detailed information on who is visiting your .TEL and what they do while on your .TEL pages. This information can be used to improve your promotion methods and modify your content based on which links your visitors are choosing to use. The process itself is simple! Here are step by step instructions on how to integrate Google Analytics into your .TEL.

1. If you don’t have one already, set up a Google Analytics account at http://www.google.com/analytics. Once you have a registered your account, you can create a “Profile” for your .TEL with Google Analytics as described on its site. If using an existing account, select “Add new profile” in your list of current “Website Profiles”.

2. Copy the Tracking Code you are provided by Google Analytics at the end of the profile setup.

3. Log into your .TEL control panel (https://telhosting.webnames.ca/g2/login.action if you are a Webnames.ca customer) and click on the “Settings” link. Select the “Google Analytics” menu option and paste the Tracking Code in the space provided. Once saved, the code will be added to your .TEL and automatically track all visits. Verify that Google Analytics is displaying a green tick next to your .TEL in your account. This means the setup is complete and tracking is operational.

That’s it! Your .TEL will now be analyzed by Google Analytics and will start providing you with information about who is visiting your .TEL, from where, which keywords are driving them to find you and also which pieces of contact information are most clicked or called. You can also measure image-based ads and Additional Information sections to see how effective these are.

Want to learn more about .TEL? Visit http://www.webnames.ca/tel/default.aspx

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Recognizing and celebrating the contributions of BC’s best small businesses

Winners of the 9th annual Successful You Awards were announced last night at an event at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. There were about 400 people from the BC business community with former Vancouver Canuck Trevor Linden as keynote speaker. He gave a thoroughly entertaining speech about how much things had changed from 1988 when he started to 2008 when he retired. He has since become an entrepreneur with a successful development company with his brother and has started his Club 16 Trevor Linden fitness studios with a new one launching this month at the Vancouver Convention Centre. He admitted that this is his “freak out month.”

The formal part of the event was when Small Business BC recognized the achievements of 30 finalists (1 winner was chosen out of 5 finalists in 6 categories).

Above: All the top 5 finalists and award winners.

This year’s winners were:
Best Company: Williams and White
Best Concept: EightSix Network
Best Employer: Eclipse Awards
Best Green Business: Pemberton Valley Lodge
Best Online Marketer: Masc
Best Community Impact: Kids Physio Group

As a judge, I had the opportunity to review the applications for the Best Company category and watched the pitches of the five finalist companies. I was impressed by the innovation, dedication and passion each of the CEO’s had for their companies.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists for their success.

Over 1 million people are employed by small businesses in British Columbia and 98% of all businesses in BC are considered Small Businesses (defined as 50 employees or less).

More information about the Successful You Awards http://www.successfulyou.ca/
More information about Small Business BC http://www.smallbusinessbc.ca/

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Calls to Serve on CIRA 2012 Board Election Nomination Committee

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority is organization that manages Canada’s .CA domain name registry. They also develop policies that support Canada’s Internet community. The 2012 CIRA Board of Directors Elections are coming up and the first part of that process is to round up a group of Canadian professionals to serve on the Nomination Committee.

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.CA Impact Awards – Does Your .CA Website Make a Difference? Enter to win $5000, national profile & free trip to Mesh Conference!

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has again launched its award program celebrating .CA websites that benefit the lives of Canadians.

Launched January 9, 2012, the .CA Impact Awards recognizes “.CA websites that make a difference” across four categories:

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ICANN Starts Accepting Applications for New gTLDs

Today, January 12, 2012 marks the day ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) starts accepting applications for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs).

This process has been heavily debated amongst the internet community at large as well as within the ICANN board but was approved by ICANN in 2011 at its meeting in Singapore.

The process is expected to dramatically expand the Internet with the current 22 approved gTLDs (such as .com, .org or recent .xxx) to hundreds or thousands of extensions which include all types of words in multiple languages including non-Latin languages.

ICANN is directing all interested parties to refer to the New gTLD section of ICANN’s website for authoritative documents, resources, and latest developments. The New gTLD site is found at http://newgtlds.icann.org. The ICANN New gTLD page includes links to the TLD Application System (TAS) to submit applications and the updated version of the Applicant Guidebook which details the process and criteria for applying for a new gTLD. The updated version incorporates clarification on topics such as batching, background screening, the applicant support program, Continued Operations Instrument, GAC advice processes, and the registry code of conduct.

There is also information available for financial assistance for some applicants who qualify. Essentially applicants from developing economies have access to financial assistance in the form of an evaluation fee reduction and other in-kind or community pro bono services. The financial assistance part of the program will allow a limited number of applicants to pay a reduced evaluation fee of US $47,000 rather than the US $185,000 amount. More information about the New gTLD Applicant Support Program is available at: http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/applicants/candidate-support.

Key timelines:
March 29, 2012 – The last day to register in TAS
April 12, 2012 –  Final day ICANN accepts applications

For some background as to what the new gTLD expansion is about, please read our previous blog post on this topic: http://blog.webnames.ca/2011/06/shop-paris-the-domain-name-spa-1.html.

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Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) Board Elections – Campaign Forum Starts Today!

Campaign Forum Graphic-EN.JPG
You can play an important role in growing Canada’s Internet domain and shaping our Internet and our future.

The Campaign Forum for the 2011 Board of Directors Election begins today. The forum provides Candidates, .CA Members, and the general public an opportunity to discuss viewpoints, concerns, and positions related to how Candidates will serve Canada’s Internet community if elected as a Director.

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BCIC – New Ventures 2011 Finalists Announced – Awards ceremony September 22nd

As sponsor of the BCIC-New Ventures Competition, Webnames.ca would like to congratulate the finalists in the 2011 competition!

Webnames.ca has sponsored this competition for a number of years. As a member of the local technology community, we feel it’s very important to support the innovation coming out of newer start-ups. This year’s finalists are impressive and we wish them all the best on awards night.

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Become a CIRA Board Member – Help Shape the Canadian Internet and our Future

Starting August 2 to August 15, 2011, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA) is accepting applications for interested individuals across Canada to fill an open position on its Board of Directors. Professional Canadians with Board experience and/or an interest in technology and the Internet are encouraged to apply. Expertise in one of the following areas would be an asset: accounting, law, marketing and communications or technology.

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation – Massive Fines on Companies and Individuals; Your Chance for Public Comment

antispam.pngBill C-28, The Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (FISA) was passed by Canadian Parliament and received Royal Assent December 15, 2010.

As Canada’s first anti-spam legislation, it empowers authorities to aggressively fine spammers (individuals could be fined up to $1 million per violation and companies $10 million per violation). The legislation has major implications on how businesses conduct their communication practices with clients and potential clients.

In my  earlier post in January 2011, Canadian Parliament passes Bill C-28, Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam, I summarized some key issues about whether the Bill would really reduce spam, when businesses need to be in compliance, how will violators be punished and more.

Draft regulations have now been posted for the new anti-spam legislation and both the CRTC and Industry Canada are calling for comments.

The CRTC notice is here http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2011/2011-400.htm with the draft regulations appearing as an appendix.

The Industry Canada notice is here http://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/2011/2011-07-09/html/reg1-eng.html.

 Deadlines for comments are August 29th and 31st respectively.

All Canadian companies, organizations and individuals need to ensure their electronic communications are compliant with the legislation so do make sure you understand the rules to avoid the massive financial implications.

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BC Technology Industry Association – Technology Impact Awards 2011 Winners Announced

As media partner for the BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA), Webnames.ca would like to congratulate the winners of the 2011 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs).
The 2011 TIA event took place June 9 with a crowd of over 800 people to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the technology industry in British Columbia.

Here are the results:

Most Promising Pre-Commercial Technology
Etalim Inc

Excellence in Product Innovation
SunCentral Inc

Best Application of Technology

Subserveo Inc

Most Promising Start-Up


Emerging Company of the Year

Vivonet Inc

Company of the Year


Team of the Year

Community Engagement
Odgers Berndtson

Person of the Year
Moe Kermani

Bill Thompson Award
Mark Betteridge, CEO and Executive Director, Discovery Parks Trust and Discovery Foundation

For a list of all the finalists for each category, see our previous post at http://blog.webnames.ca/2011/05/bctia-technology-impact-awards.html

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BCTIA Announces Their New President & CEO

logo-bctia.gifWebnames.ca would like to congratulate Bill Tam for his new appointment as President & CEO of the BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) effective July 1, 2011. We would like to also wish outgoing President & CEO Pascal Spothelfer all the best as he returns to industry.  

Mr. Tam has had a diverse career, serving as CEO of EQO Communications in Vancouver, a Venture Partner at SpringBank TechVentures in Calgary, VP Business Development at AT&T Canada, VP of Product Strategy and Marketing at MetroNet, in addition to executive roles at Rogers Telecom in Toronto and Bell Canada in Toronto and Denver, Colorado. Over the past several years, Mr. Tam has been actively involved in growth initiatives with a successful history of building and launching new businesses in the software, e-commerce, Internet, and telecommunications sectors.

Mr. Tam joined the BCTIA Centre4Growth as one of the first CEOs-in-Residence and for the past ten months has been a committed member of the team. He currently coaches over 40 tech entrepreneurs, and is a key contributor to the success of the Centre4Growth program. 

Webnames.ca looks forward to continue to support BCTIA as a partner in events and other initiatives.

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