Masa Takei: The Storyteller

Masa, we’re super excited that you have agreed to share your story with us, our customers and followers. So let’s get to it, we have some questions for you. First off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I work as a freelance writer, kind of a hunter-gatherer of stories. I’ve written in an array of mediums including magazines and newspapers, online, and for the screen. For example, I wrote stories about traveling through the Northwest Passage for The Globe and Mail and through the Great Bear Rainforest for Explore, created a year-long video series for RadX while building an off-grid cabin on Haida Gwaii, and worked on epically bad feature movies about half-vampires and genetically modified mercenaries. In my wallet I carry a license to go anywhere, talk to anyone, do anything and call it work (as long as I produce something to share). What could be better than that?

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Should you register a .ECO domain? Here’s what you should know before you decide.

Another new gTLD is set to launch in April. Yup, we get it. You have heard this all before …

With the introduction of so many new domain extensions in recent years, businesses and orgs, as well as marketing teams, IP managers and technical administrators of domain portfolios are becoming immune to the messages new gTLDs are putting forth.

Read more on Should you register a .ECO domain? Here’s what you should know before you decide…. is First Canadian Registrar to Help Companies Protect Trademarks and Brands in New .XXX Top Level Domain

Businesses Encouraged to Protect Brands in New .XXX Top Level Domain

Vancouver, August 05, 2011 – is accredited with ICM Registry to accept Sunrise B applications and pre-registrations for General Availability for the new, sponsored top-level .XXX domain. Trademark owners and businesses that are not part of the adult industry should act to block trademarks, brands and business names to prevent their intellectual property from association with adult only content.

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.XXX Pre-Registration Now Available at

Now Accepting Sunrise B Applications. General Pre-Registration Coming Soon.

Eleven years after it was first proposed, the .XXX sTLD (sponsored Top Level Domain) is set to launch in September 2011. Webnames is participating in Sunrise B and General Registration to help facilitate the protection of trademarks, brands and primary domains in other extensions.

What is .XXX?

.XXX (commonly called “dot triple-X”) is a sponsored, specialized top-level domain (sTLD) intended for use by Adult Entertainment Industry on the Internet. .XXX was designed to facilitate online responsibility and best practices for the global online Adult Entertainment Industry. The registry is operated by ICM and the sponsoring organization for .XXX is the International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR). [Read more]

Trademark owners, as well as the owners of non-trademarked names and brands should act soon to protect their assets and prevent the registration of their names by other parties. 

xxx Blog image.jpg
Acting early is important!
Pre-Registration orders for .XXX domains are
submitted to the registry in the
order they are received. The earlier you pre-register the .XXX domains, the better your chances of success.

Sunrise B for Trademark Owners Outside the Sponsored Community (Adult Entertainment Industry)

Now Accepting ApplicationsApply Today

Application Fee: $349 (One-Time, Non Refundable) 

Names secured through Sunrise B will not result in the registration of a resolving domain name at the .XXX registry. Instead, these names will be reserved and blocked from live use. The applied for name will resolve to a page indicating that the name is reserved from use through ICM Registry’s rights protection program. The “block” will be valid for a period of 10 years.

Read more information about Sunrise B

General Registration – First Come, First Served, Open to the Public

Pre-Registration Begins Monday, July 25

$129.00/year – Risk Free. Pay only for successful .XXX domain registrations.

General Availability is open to anyone who wishes to register domain(s) in the .XXX extension. It is a live first come, first serve registration period. Registrations will take place in real time. There are no requirements pertaining to trademarks or pre-existing domain names.

Note: is supporting General Registration with the aim to
helping our customers protect their existing assets (non-trademarked
names and brands). .XXX domains registered at will not resolve or support live content or email.  


More information about .XXX is available at 
Call toll free 1-866-221-7878 to speak to a Customer Support representative about .XXX

Learn More

History of .XXX –
The Register – .XXX Set to Go Live
Wired Magazine – ICANN Approves .XXX Red-Light District For The Internet

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Before you drop that domain renewal cheque in the mail …

After seven months of negotiation, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers is poised to go on strike starting Thursday June 2nd at 11:59pm.

For customers whose preferred method of payment is cheque, we strongly urge that you use one of our secure online payment options such as online banking or credit card to avoid any interruption of service. We also always welcome credit card payment via our toll free customer support line at 1-866-221-7878.

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Take Part in the Canadian Internet Forum on February 25th – Attend or Webcast

cira.pngDo you own a .CA domain name? If so, you should know about some of the great initiatives coming out of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) lately.

On February 25, 2011, CIRA will be hosting a national event about the future of the Internet – and you’re invited to attend, in person or virtually.

The Canadian Internet Forum (CIF) is an opportunity to discuss, debate and propose directions for the development, deployment and governance of the Internet in Canada.

The national event is the culmination of four months of consultations with Canadians focused on a range of topics related to digital literacy and the digital economy. So far, Canadians have discussed issues of online privacy, how social media is driving the future of the Internet, and access to and the cost of broadband in Canada, among others.

At the CIF you can provide your feedback and opinions about the results of these consultations. There will be opportunity to ask questions, debate and have your opinion heard about the direction the Internet should take in Canada.

There will also be a panel of Canadian experts on hand to discuss and debate the future of the Internet, including:

Read more on Take Part in the Canadian Internet Forum on February 25th – Attend or Webcast… Is Going to the SOHO/SME EXPO – Toronto, October 27

We’re going to be at the Toronto SOHO Expo at the Westin Harbour Castle on Wednesday, October 27th and we would like to see you!

SOHO is a Tradeshow and Conference for small and medium enterprises. It features amazing keynotes, seminar sessions, discussion panels, exhibits and is a networking opportunity.

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New Product Announcement – Essentials Website and Social Media Strategy

Building on its history of exceptional support for its customers, is proud to announce our new professional services arm, Power for Small Business.

Under Power for Small Business, we are now offering a new service called Essentials, which provides clients with everything they need to succeed online, including:

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.CO Now Available for Public Registration

The Internet just got a little bigger today with .CO opening for general registration. Beginning at 11:00 AM Pacific Time, .CO registrations began rolling in fast and furious at

A new domain launch is always exciting. For registrants it provides a rare opportunity to get truly premium domains – names that are memorable, dictionary words, combinations of words, popular phrases, trending terms and topics, first names, last names and place names.  Really good stuff is available at this early date!

Around the office, it’s exciting to see the variety of names being registered and share in our customers excitement when they get the exact domain name they want, or in some cases, have wanted for years.

With most of the quality .COM’s taken in the primary market, it’s getting harder to secure a good, global domain name unless you are willing to pay the going rate in the aftermarket. When searching for a new domain to represent a business, product or brand, most people have to go through dozens of variations before settling on a second rate domain.

.CO presents a rare opportunity for people to get all their names – brands, business and product – and also register relevant generic domains they can use to drive traffic, expand their brand or hold onto for future use.

Online shopping giant announced today that they acquired the domain “O.CO” specifically to target new audiences and expand its global brand.

“We think the O is a really important part of our brand,” said Jonathan Johnson, president. “We think many people think of us as the O. And single-letter domain names are rare so we’re glad to have this one.”

Overstock paid $350k for their new .CO domain, however you don’t need deep pockets to follow their lead. .CO domains are only $29.50 at and this is the best opportunity you will every have to register great brand building and marketing domains.

Register soon, an opportunity like this only comes around once every couple years.  This is your chance to get the domain that got away from you in both .COM and .CA!

Everything You Need to Know About .CO

Where:   Register .CO at

When: .CO General Registration begins Tuesday, July 20 at 11:00 PDT

Cost:  .CO is $29.50 US/year at
(This is the best price available for .CO, lower than most discount registrars including GoDaddy.)

Term: .CO can be registered for 1 to 5 years.

Meaning:  Associated globally with the words “company,” “corporation” and “commerce,” .CO is a flexible domain for businesses.  It is also a great platform for socially networked companies or individuals.

.CO Highlights

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Become a member of CIRA’s Board of Directors

Help Shape Canada’s Internet!

Are you an experienced professional with Board of Directors experience?

Are you looking for an opportunity to have a positive impact on the .CA domain?

Member Nominations are being accepted from August 3 – 16.

Who should apply?

Professional Canadians with Board experience and/or an interest in technology and the Internet. Expertise in one of the following areas would be an asset: accounting, education, law, marketing and communications, human resources, or technology.

Why should this interest me?

Becoming a CIRA Board Member is a unique opportunity to work with Canada’s Internet leaders as they develop strategy and policy that positions .CA for operational excellence.
You will gain valuable insight and experience around technical innovation, Internet policy, and organizational governance.

The yearly commitment from Directors includes approximately five in-person week-day meetings in various cities across Canada throughout the year as well as committee work.

Members of CIRA’s Board of Directors are remunerated for their time and reimbursed for expenses. For detailed information, please visit:

What is the role of CIRA’s Board?

CIRA Directors help determine strategic direction and provide oversight for Canada’s .CA domain name registry. CIRA is a member-driven organization that develops and implements policies that support Canada’s Internet community and represents the .CA registry internationally.

How do I apply?

CIRA Members can nominate themselves or another individual (who can be either a member or non-member) by completing the online Nomination Form from August 3 – 16.

To be included on the final Members’ Slate, Member Nominees must then receive the endorsement of at least 20 CIRA Members during the Show of Support stage. CIRA Members will then vote during the September 22 – 29 election.

There is one Member Nomination seat available which will hold a three-year term.
For more information and to apply, please visit:

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