Karthik Balachander, Author at Webnames Blog
monitoring domain names for brand and trademark infringement

Introducing Domain Monitoring for Brand Protection

Domain Monitoring is an automated service that periodically scans domains registered in over 1000 domain extensions for mentions of your brand keywords to detect brand and trademark infringements. This helps businesses guard themselves against online threats, cyber-squatting and fraud and forms the basis of your brand protection strategy. Brand Protection online is a significant challenge…

factors to consider before enabling automatic wordpress updates on hosting

Should you enable Automatic Updates to WordPress on your WordPress Hosting?

Most WordPress Hosting solutions in the market include ‘automatic updates’ as part of their offering. Why then, are we even toying with the question of whether you should enable these automatic updates? WordPress updates typically patch vulnerabilities, add features and improve performance of your website. If your question was “Do these updates need to be…

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