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Beer and the Internet

October is Small Business Month and also marks the beginning of beer festivals and events all over the world. Here in BC, October is Craft Beer month, celebrating the different products of microbreweries all over British Columbia.

With October being such a beer (and business) oriented month, we thought we'd talk about the new .beer domain extension because beer is such an iconic beverage worldwide.

As some of you may have heard, new domain extensions will be launched in the near future and  one of the new domains will be .BEER.

Beer and the .BEER gTLD
By: János Szüdi

As a beer fan, I believe that this new extension will be great for Canadians. After all, we are in the top 20 nations of beer consumption per capita (68 litres). The fact that there are tons of different beer festivals like Oktoberfest, different British beer festivals and our very own the Great Canadian Beer Festival, proves that beer is one of the most beloved and most iconic beverages in the world.

Beer and the Internet

Beer deserves a dedicated domain on the Internet; the .BEER extension has the potential to revolutionize the beer industry online and redefine how we find new beers to taste and savour.

One of the great things about the .BEER gTLD is that it can be a domain that purely serves the beer drinking masses from all over the world. Breweries and even micro-breweries can use a .BEER domain to stand out and promote their brews in a more focused way. Nothing says that your website is a beer-related website more than a .BEER domain. What else could take its place?

For those that have a discerning palette, the .BEER gTLD extension can be your gateway to advocating the wonders of beer. Talk about your favourite beers, from European beers to North American beers to Asian beers, a .BEER domain will help you connect with your beer-loving audience.

Beer Enthusiasts and Potential Beer-converts

This also helps non-beer drinkers who want to give it a shot. Beer fans from all over the country have their preferred beer when heading out for a drink (which is great because you already know what you want) and will certainly appreciate the .BEER domain when scouring online for the next great beer, but for those who prefer trying out different beers, it can be daunting trying to select which ones to taste. You have the ales, pilsners, lagers and stouts (dry and sweet); and then you have more with blondes, browns (Belgian and English browns), heavy ales, light ales, IPAs and more. With this much variety, it can get confusing.

It will obviously be easier to find beer-related information or websites with a .BEER domain extension.

The same applies to those who want to give home brewing a shot. With many websites offering  home brewing information, it can be difficult trying to decide which blog or website to follow. Real experts or master brewers can create their own blogs or websites about brewing beer at home and easily find their niche audience.

Show Your Love for Beer Online!

If you're a beer lover as well and want to talk about your love and passion for beer, pre-register your .BEER domain. It's free and when it does come out, you'll have the option whether to go ahead and register it or not.  Plus, it's a great way to show people how much you love for beer and your beer brewing/tasting skills!

Pre-register your .BEER domain at


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