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Best Domains for Environmentally Conscious Businesses and Products

Tomorrow we celebrate Earth Day.  For environmentally conscious brands, products, organizations and communities there are now a variety of domain names and specialized namespaces to choose from that can be used communicate earth-friendly programs, products, goals and values.  You might be surprised at the available options.

.ECO is short, memorable and has a clear use case – it’s the new domain extension dedicated to organizations, businesses and products, and individuals who are committed to positive change for the planet. General Registration starts April 25th 2017, so we recommend pre-ordering your most wanted .ECO domains to increase your odds of success.

.GREEN conveys an immediate association with the environment and is a good choice for brands working in renewable resources, promoting sustainable business practices, lifestyles and products.

.ORGANIC provides food producers and supporters of the organic movement a great way to share information, raise awareness and promote the benefits of organic goods.

.GARDEN caters to professional gardeners and passionate enthusiasts. It can be used by businesses such as growers or suppliers, informational resources, online communities and more.

.SOLAR is the perfect domain for the rapidly growing industry of solar energy sector and for solar-powered products.

.ENERGY creates a recognizable namespace for the energy sector, including companies and organizations focused on the development and advocacy renewable and alternative energy sources.

.COMMUNITY is a namespace for groups with common interests, goals and values to share information, build relationships and advance their causes.

.NGO has been created specifically for non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary citizen groups organized around specific issues, such as the environment, human rights or health.

Choosing a meaningful, keyword-targeted domain name like “” or “” to use for your sustainability initiative, campaign or product conveys the type of content a user can expect.  Given the recency of some of the above extensions, it’s also still possible to secure keyword relevant place-names and dictionary words that are both memorable and advantageous for SEO.  All of the above gTLDs are available for registration at Webnames, so explore your options, find something great and tell your audience about how you’re working towards a more sustainable future.

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