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Black Friday Starts Early this Year – Register .CA and .COM for $8.99 and More

Webnames 2022 Black Friday Sale - Domain Deals plus much more

We’re kicking off this year’s Black Friday savings early with a sale featuring our lowest prices of the year on new .CA, .COM. .INC and another 100+ domain extensions, in addition to business essentials such as SSL certificates and our feature-rich Managed WordPress Hosting.

If you’re planning on starting something new in 2023, have been brainstorming domain names and thinking ahead to what your new digital presence will need, Webnames Black Friday Sale is a great time to start making your a vision reality.

Don't wait on that domain name, register it before someone else does

What is included in the Black Friday Sale for 2022?

We’re glad you asked! From Monday, November 21 through to 11:59 PM PT time on Friday, November 25, the following deals will be available at

Our best price of the year for .CA and .COM domain names
Get a .INC domain at 75% off - the best alternative for when you cant find a .COM or .CA

Protect your Brand Online, While You Can

As far business assets go, domain names are inexpensive vis-a-vis other, and even more so during our Black Friday Sale. Use the sale to protect your brand online by registering your business name, as well as other ideas that you’ve been thinking about and want to lockdown for yourself. And if your current domain name is still available as a .CA, .COM, or both if you’re using a different extension, snap it up to prevent it’s eventual registration by another party.

SSL on Every Website

On today’s web, every website needs to be HTTPS secure through an SSL certificate. While there’s no high-and-mighty authority enforcing this as a requirement out there in cyberspace … you’ll notice VERY few websites that are not HTTPS in 2022. Why? Over the last 5-years search engines have rigorously cracked down on perceived non-secure websites, including warning visitors that the website they are about to interact with may not be secure. Enforcing SSL is not only about securely transmitting information by utilizing data encryption, it’s about increasing trust on the Internet more broadly – and the efforts have been successful. Nowadays visitors treat non-HTTPS websites with significant caution, even if they are not collecting any personal information, and this is on top of the penalization levied by search engines to page rank because.

With 25% off ALL our SSL Certificates – including entry level options such as Rapid SSL DV e and Sectigo PositiveSSL which both regularly retail under $25 USD as well as Enterprise suitable OV and EV options – there is no better time to get an SSL certificate. The 1-year term doesn’t start until your SSL certificate is installed on your website, so you can purchase it now and install it whenever you’re ready.

25% off all SSL Certificates for Blacki Friday at Webnames

Search engines are cracking down on perceived ‘non-secure’ websites. Any websites without the SSL certificate will remain http while those with encryption will show https in users’ browsers. Chrome, Firefox and other browsers have began issuing warnings that non-https sites are insecure. Additionally, Google recently announced SSL is a ranking signal, so unless you have SSL your site will be harder to find, impacting on your traffic and revenue.

New Year, New WordPress

For those of you looking to start a new website, there’s no better time or option than Webnames’ Managed WordPress plans at up to 48% off your first year (starting at CAD $6.99/mo). One third of the Internet’s websites are built on WordPress for good reason – it’s easy to use, there are plugins to help you accomplish almost anything you might want to do, it’s incredibly SEO friendly, there’s no end to the resources available online to support whatever you’re trying to do, plus it’s highly secure.

save up to 48% off WordPress Hosting Plans at Webnames

Webnames’ Managed WordPress plans make WordPress even better by streamlining and automating so many of the irksome tasks that come with running a website … the upkeep and maintenance that we tend to put off, sometimes endlessly. By taking care of automatic updates, patching, proactively monitoring for threats and malware, continuously optimizing load times and more, Managed WordPress hosting helps to keep your website and ecommerce store (if you have one integrated) in tip-top shape!

features of Webnames Managed WordPress hosting

Shop the Sale for Webnames’ Best Deals

Our annual Black Friday Sale is a great opportunity for you to launch and future proof your website, at a fraction of what it might cost otherwise, with the backing of the best Customer Support team in the business.

If you have any questions or need assistance choosing the right products for your needs or configuring a product, we’re standing by to help.

Shop the sale until 11:59pm this Friday, November 25th

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