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Branding & .CA Names – My Little Secret, Don’t Tell!

So I am thinking of quitting my job here at Webnames to start my own business coming up with super cool names for iPhone apps, Web 2.0 companies, new products, gizmos and gadgets!

All you developers and entrepreneurs out there think that all the great names like Twitter and Shazam are gone and you are reduced to plopping “i” in front of things and adding extra “o”s to the middle of your name.

Au contraire mes amis!

At my new branding business it is simple for me to have a 5 minute conversation with you about your company and come up with names like Maxco, Meager, Moonman, Chompers, Red Paint, and Drifter.

“Good names”, you think, “but you’ll never get the domain”.  Oh ye of little faith.  These are all available as .CA’s and I’m sorry, but what are you  – you’re Canadian companies.  You should have the .CA.  And you didn’t have to pay $14,000 to get it from the owner.

The secret to my new branding business is using the CIRA To Be Released list to find great names that people are allowing to expire.

It’s cheap and easy and afterwards I can turn around and charge you $200 an hour to come up with names like:  Oxidation, Cuticle, Sawhorse, Suss and Vapid … which all happen to be on the latest CIRA TBR, so prebook them already!

BTW – We publish a list of the best expiring .CA domains on every week, so be sure to check the TBR .CA Domains category each week for our top picks.  

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