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Build your personal brand with the .LEGAL domain


.LEGAL Domain Extension

If you’re in the legal industry, you know how important branding is. Whether you run an individual practice or work for a firm, branding plays a key role in building and developing relationships with clients. It signifies who you are, your service and the quality of service you offer. It’s your standard.

With that in mind, the new .LEGAL domain just launched and it’s a great way for legal professionals and firms to further solidify branding online.

What is .LEGAL? How can I use it?

.LEGAL is a regulated domain; this means that it isn’t available to everyone.  It is reserved for legal industry professionals.   So if you are a lawyer, attorney, barrister or work in the legal industry, then .LEGAL is available to you.

We generally recommend creating a personal blog for industry-specific domain names, as it allows you to exhibit thought-leadership but a few other ideas are:

1) Customized URL for Social Media Profiles

Would you rather type in or www.JaneDoe.Legal? The obvious answer is the shorter, more memorable URL. With .LEGAL, you can set up domain forwarding (also known as URL forwarding) to redirect people to your LinkedIn page, a special column you write for a firm or any social media profile you have.

If you need help setting up domain forwarding, one of our previous posts can help you set it up in 5 minutes: How to Create a Custom URL with Domain Forwarding.

2) Personalized, Branded Email Address

How many of you still use Gmail? What about Hotmail? Yahoo! Mail?

The truth is, there are still quite a lot of professionals who use these free services outside of work. In fact, we see it quite often – professionals, still using the ugly email. Don’t be the professional with the ugly email – it’s unprofessional.

While there’s nothing wrong with using free services in terms of functionality, it does affect how others might perceive you and your professionalism.  Legal, and all professionals, should have a personalized email address, even outside of work. It’s your personal brand after all, and investing in it will pay long-term dividends.

Ready to get started?

Find a .LEGAL domain name today at or you can learn more about .LEGAL by clicking on the button below!

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