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.CA domain names are on sale!

15th Anniversary - .CA Sale

This year, we’re celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the .CA hand-off from the University of British Columbia to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). From 1987 to 2000, Webnames.ca co-founder John Demco managed the .CA domain from his small office in the University of British Columbia. He and a small group of volunteers processed every single .CA domain registration manually. When it was clear that the .CA had become an integral part of Canadian identity online and demand for it had grown, he knew it was time to transition management of the .CA to a dedicated organization.

From 100,000 domain names to over 2.3 million domain names, the .CA has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Today, it has become Canada’s digital flag online and a symbol that connects every Canadian in the world.

To celebrate our 15th Anniversary, we’re putting .CA domain names on sale again for $8.99. We want to make .CA accessible for each Canadian so there are no promo codes needed. Just search for a .CA and add it to the cart; the price will automatically be adjusted online.

If you’re trying to figure out how to use a .CA domain name, here are a few ideas:

1. Create a custom email for yourself

Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses are generic. If you’re looking for a new job or connecting with clients via email, make sure you stand out and project a professional image with a custom email address. Once you register a .CA domain name, you can use it to create a custom email address that’s tailored to your name or business!

2. Start a portfolio website

If you’re a new graduate, a .CA domain can be a great way to line up interviews and show your expertise to potential employers. Creating a website with samples of your work shows employers the quality of work you can bring to their organization. Using a .CA domain tells them that you’re Canadian!

3. Keep your brand safe

You’ve got a .COM, but what about a .CA? In today’s digital world, registering a .CA domain name helps you protect your personal brand online by preventing others from hijacking your brand.

4. Use it for social media

Who wants to type in Facebook.com/users/JoeSmith or linkedin.com/user/in/joe+g+smith?  The answer is no one because it’s too long. Instead, use your name to create your .CA domain name to send people off to your social media profiles.

5. Gain the trust of other Canadians

Did you know that Canadians prefer doing business with other Canadians? In fact, over 50% of Canadians expect Canadian businesses to have a .CA domain name. If you’re still using a .COM to market to other Canadians, then you’re potentially missing out.

From it’s humble beginning in a small office in UBC to over 2.3 million domain names, .CA is Canada’s symbol and identity on the web. If you’re ready to get started, find a .CA domain name today.

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