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Rolling out three new domains: .CARS, .CAR and .AUTO


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One of the great things about the new domains is the variety now available to businesses online. For every industry, profession, interest and community, there’s a good chance that an extension is available for it.

So it was no surprise when three new domain extensions focused on the automobile industry launched a few weeks ago. Managed by the Cars Registry (a collaboration between XYZ and Uniregistry), the new .CARS, .CAR and .AUTO domain extensions are rolling into the market.

With a new dedicated namespace for all things related to cars, manufacturers, dealerships and service providers now have access to a three targeted extensions online. Creating a domain name under these extensions gives businesses the opportunity to find and use a short and meaningful domain name that speaks your brand online.

.CARS, .CAR and .AUTO domain name pioneers:

.CARS, .CAR and .AUTO Pioneers
Lucra.Cars, MarketPunch.Auto and Kain.Auto
  • Lucra.Cars – a speciality supercar manufacturer, Lucra rebranded from to
  • Kain.Auto – helping auto dealerships and manufacturers develop their online presence, the Kain Automotive group recently switch to Kain.Auto for their own online branding.
  • MarketPunch.Auto – An automotive blog, MarketPunch moved to a .AUTO domain name to create a more meaningful and memorable domain name.

What can you do with a .CARS, .CAR or .AUTO domain name?

  • Get in front of more customers with geographic domains like Vancouver.Auto, Toronto.Cars and Montreal.Car
  • Use keyword-rich domains like Luxury.Cars, Hybrid.Cars and Super.Cars to reach a specific audience
  • Create microsites for specific services by using a domains like BodyShop.Auto and Dealer.Auto

Important Launch Dates:

  • Sunrise (trademark holders only): December 9, 2015 to January 12, 2015
  • Early Access Phase: January 12, 206 to January 20, 2016
  • General Availability: January 20, 2016

Ready to get started? Find a .CARS, .CAR and .AUTO domain name to drive your brand today.

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