The .SHOP domain is now available & its perfect for e-commerce

For e-commerce businesses, a domain name is a pretty big deal. It’s an important part of your business because its how customers find your store online. But we also know finding the right domain can be challenging with all the new gTLDs now available. As a consumer, it’s easier to fall into the normal naming scheme of things and opting to go with a familiar domain.

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The $135 million .WEB auction and its impact on businesses, worldwide

BIV Article - Image - .WEB Domain

On July 27, one of the most highly sought after new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) extension was sold for a record-breaking $135 million in an auction.

With Alphabet (Google), Donuts Inc. and upstart Nu Dot Co LLC, competing against each other, the winning bid was produced by Nu Dot Co LLC. Backed by Verisign – the registry for .COM and .NET – Nu Dot Co beat out the both Alphabet’s and Donuts’ massive coffers, combined.

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.CA domain names are on sale!

15th Anniversary - .CA Sale

This year, we’re celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the .CA hand-off from the University of British Columbia to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). From 1987 to 2000, co-founder John Demco managed the .CA domain from his small office in the University of British Columbia. He and a small group of volunteers processed every single .CA domain registration manually. When it was clear that the .CA had become an integral part of Canadian identity online and demand for it had grown, he knew it was time to transition management of the .CA to a dedicated organization.

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New Domain Extensions: 8 Things Businesses Need to Know

Hundreds of new domain extensions are now available and as a business, what do you need to know? How can these new domains impact your online presence?

Before diving in, a new domain extension or a TLD is the string of letters to the right of the dot. We’re most familiar with the .ca, .com, .net, .info and .org.

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The .NEWS domain launches soon!


.NEWS is launching next week and it’s one of the domains we’re all anticipating to be a big success. It’s going live on July 15, 2015 but if you’re anxious to grab one early, EAP starts on July 8, 2015. When the .NEWS domain extension launches, we think it is going to be one of the most successful domains because everyone can use it. From bloggers and journalists to news and media corporations, .NEWS lets anyone create a domain name.

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What you need to know about the .SUCKS domain

dotSucks Blog Banner

Over the past year and a half, over 450 new domain extensions such as .consulting, .social, .tech and even .ninja have launched but none have created as much controversy and concern as the Vox Populi owned .SUCKS domain. 

In 2014, former US senator Jay Rockefeller told the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that is shouldn’t approve .sucks. The former senator called .sucks “little more than a predatory shakedown scheme” to force corporations, small businesses and individuals to pay an annual fee to prevent others from registering the .sucks variation of their domain name.

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