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Domain Name News – Mar. 11, 2007

Update On Registerfly – During the past week, ICANN has posted in its blog several updates on the RegisterFly situation, and many unhappy customers have posted followup comments. On March 8, a U.S. District Court judge handed control of RegisterFly back to Kevin Medina, the original CEO, resolving a dispute over ownership of the company. ICANN has indicated that this resolution “does not alter RegisterFly obligations to immediately cure the breaches of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement, as noticed by ICANN.” On Feb. 21, ICANN had sent a letter to RegisterFly giving 15 working days’ notice of several breaches of contract. ICANN could give notice of termination of the registrar’s accreditation as of Wednesday, March 14.

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Domain Name News – Mar. 4, 2007

Canadian Privacy Commissioner Issues Finding On Registrant ID Requirements – In his blog, Michael Geist has pointed out a finding by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada in which the Assistant Commissioner comments that it is appropriate for a domain registrar to require personal identification in order to change the administrative email address for a domain registration.

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Domain Name News – Feb. 25, 2007

ICANN Puts Registrar On Notice – ICANN has posted a Feb. 21 letter to registrar giving formal notice of several breaches in Registerfly’s accredition agreement with ICANN. The letter provides information on the breaches, and additional comments have been posted to the ICANN Ombudsman’s blog. ICANN may give notice of termination of the registrar’s accreditation if the breaches are not cured within 15 working days.

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Domain Name News – Feb. 18, 2007

ICANN Publishes Revision to Proposed .XXX Agreement – ICANN has posted for public comment a revised appendix to the proposed .xxx registry agreement. Acccording to the preliminary report of the recent ICANN Board meeting, “a majority of the Board has serious concerns about whether the proposed .XXX domain has the support of a clearly-defined sponsored community as per the criteria for sponsored TLDs”.

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Domain Name News – Feb. 4, 2007

.COM and .NET Registry Price Increases Expected This Year – VeriSign expects to increase the annual registry fees for .com and .net domain names this year, according to CEO Stratton Sclavos. Presently the annual registry or wholesale price for a .com name is USD $6.00, and the price could rise 7% to $6.42. The registry price for a .net name could increase 10% from $4.25 to $4.67. Each registrar will determine whether or not to pass on price increases to registrants and resellers. VeriSign must give six months’ notice before increasing prices. (Note: By my reading of the .net agreement, the registry price consists of two components, a $3.50 service fee and a $0.75 ICANN fee, and it appears that the 10% maximum increase may apply only to the service fee. This results in an increase from $4.25 to as much as $4.60.)

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