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Google Has Issued the Official Warning – Encrypt Your Webpages ASAP

If you’ve been following website security industry changes, you may know that the move by browsers to warn visitors of webpages served via HTTP as “Not Secure” has been in the works for a while.  And, if you’re like many other organizations and businesses, preparing for this inevitable change has been on your to-do list for a while, lingering there, waiting to get crossed off.  Unfortunately, pretending there’s no fire doesn’t mean you won’t eventually get burned.

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Why Every Small Biz Website Needs SSL, Even If They Aren’t Selling Online

You have been told that you need an SSL certificate for your small business website, but it’s just a simple brochure site so you’re not exactly sure why.  While in the past many simple websites could get away without SSL, that’s not the case anymore as the world’s most popular browsers push towards universal encryption and a safer web for all, not just online shoppers. So with that in mind, let’s dive into the what, why, where, who, and when of SSL certificates.

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Chrome to Stop Supporting Symantec Family of SSL Certificates

Action Required by Most  GeoTrust, RapidSSL and Thawte to Customers to Remain Trusted by World’s Most Popular Browser

As you may be aware, in early 2017 the developers of Google’s Chrome web browser formally expressed concern regarding evidence that Symantec had failed on multiple occasions to properly conduct required validation prior to the issuance of many of their SSL certificates.

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Should you register a .ECO domain? Here’s what you should know before you decide.

Another new gTLD is set to launch in April. Yup, we get it. You have heard this all before …

With the introduction of so many new domain extensions in recent years, businesses and orgs, as well as marketing teams, IP managers and technical administrators of domain portfolios are becoming immune to the messages new gTLDs are putting forth.

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The $135 million .WEB auction and its impact on businesses, worldwide

BIV Article - Image - .WEB Domain

On July 27, one of the most highly sought after new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) extension was sold for a record-breaking $135 million in an auction.

With Alphabet (Google), Donuts Inc. and upstart Nu Dot Co LLC, competing against each other, the winning bid was produced by Nu Dot Co LLC. Backed by Verisign – the registry for .COM and .NET – Nu Dot Co beat out the both Alphabet’s and Donuts’ massive coffers, combined.

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What you need to know about the .SUCKS domain

dotSucks Blog Banner

Over the past year and a half, over 450 new domain extensions such as .consulting, .social, .tech and even .ninja have launched but none have created as much controversy and concern as the Vox Populi owned .SUCKS domain. 

In 2014, former US senator Jay Rockefeller told the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that is shouldn’t approve .sucks. The former senator called .sucks “little more than a predatory shakedown scheme” to force corporations, small businesses and individuals to pay an annual fee to prevent others from registering the .sucks variation of their domain name.

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2014 CIRA Factbook Available Now

The 2014 CIRA Factbook by the Canadian Internet Registration Association (CIRA) is now available! What is this factbook you ask? It’s a compilation of great information about the .CA domain, the Internet industry and the online landscape. From the humble beginnings of the Internet to the massive change we are experiencing right now, the CIRA factbook contains great information for everyone.

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Domains have birthdays too! Happy Birthday .CO!

Happy Birthday .CO! 

It’s been 3 years since their global launch of the .CO domain and the folks over at .CO have done a great job of growing the domain. In the short time since it’s launch, there have been over 1.5 million .CO registrations already worldwide!

So how did .CO reach this milestone in such a short time? The .CO domain is highly popular among SMEs and events, worldwide. From the Canada to Australia, a lot of SMEs have adopted the domain because, “co” flexible and you can be creative with it.

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New Cybele Negris Article: Brand and Trademark Protection Has Become Increasingly Complex in Today’s Digital World President and Co-Founder Cybele Negris’ new article “Brand and Trademark Protection Has Become Increasingly Complex in Today’s Digital World” is now available on the Business in Vancouver magazine. In this article, she talks about what business owners and executives need to know about protecting your brand and trademark with the launch of the new domain extensions and the trademark clearinghouse.

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ICANN Takes On The Largest Expansion of gTLD Applications

A Snapshot of The gTLD Expansion

On January 12, 2012 ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned names and Numbers) started accepting applications for generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and closed its application period on May 30, 2012. Presently, there are 22 gTLDs including .com, .org, and .net. Out of the several applications, some of the biggest tech firms have applied for domain names such as .Apple, .Google, .Amazon, and .Samsung. According to an article on, a number of tech companies will be competing for the rights tICANN-reveals-1930-proposed-new-domain-nameso gTLDs such as .cloud, .docs, and .blog. Cloud computing has grown in popularity over the years, especially with the Apple iCloud, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, making media easily accessible over multiple devices.

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ICANN Starts Accepting Applications for New gTLDs

Today, January 12, 2012 marks the day ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) starts accepting applications for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs).

This process has been heavily debated amongst the internet community at large as well as within the ICANN board but was approved by ICANN in 2011 at its meeting in Singapore.

The process is expected to dramatically expand the Internet with the current 22 approved gTLDs (such as .com, .org or recent .xxx) to hundreds or thousands of extensions which include all types of words in multiple languages including non-Latin languages.

ICANN is directing all interested parties to refer to the New gTLD section of ICANN’s website for authoritative documents, resources, and latest developments. The New gTLD site is found at The ICANN New gTLD page includes links to the TLD Application System (TAS) to submit applications and the updated version of the Applicant Guidebook which details the process and criteria for applying for a new gTLD. The updated version incorporates clarification on topics such as batching, background screening, the applicant support program, Continued Operations Instrument, GAC advice processes, and the registry code of conduct.

There is also information available for financial assistance for some applicants who qualify. Essentially applicants from developing economies have access to financial assistance in the form of an evaluation fee reduction and other in-kind or community pro bono services. The financial assistance part of the program will allow a limited number of applicants to pay a reduced evaluation fee of US $47,000 rather than the US $185,000 amount. More information about the New gTLD Applicant Support Program is available at:

Key timelines:
March 29, 2012 – The last day to register in TAS
April 12, 2012 –  Final day ICANN accepts applications

For some background as to what the new gTLD expansion is about, please read our previous blog post on this topic:

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.XXX Pre-Registration Now Available at

Now Accepting Sunrise B Applications. General Pre-Registration Coming Soon.

Eleven years after it was first proposed, the .XXX sTLD (sponsored Top Level Domain) is set to launch in September 2011. Webnames is participating in Sunrise B and General Registration to help facilitate the protection of trademarks, brands and primary domains in other extensions.

What is .XXX?

.XXX (commonly called “dot triple-X”) is a sponsored, specialized top-level domain (sTLD) intended for use by Adult Entertainment Industry on the Internet. .XXX was designed to facilitate online responsibility and best practices for the global online Adult Entertainment Industry. The registry is operated by ICM and the sponsoring organization for .XXX is the International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR). [Read more]

Trademark owners, as well as the owners of non-trademarked names and brands should act soon to protect their assets and prevent the registration of their names by other parties. 

xxx Blog image.jpg
Acting early is important!
Pre-Registration orders for .XXX domains are
submitted to the registry in the
order they are received. The earlier you pre-register the .XXX domains, the better your chances of success.

Sunrise B for Trademark Owners Outside the Sponsored Community (Adult Entertainment Industry)

Now Accepting ApplicationsApply Today

Application Fee: $349 (One-Time, Non Refundable) 

Names secured through Sunrise B will not result in the registration of a resolving domain name at the .XXX registry. Instead, these names will be reserved and blocked from live use. The applied for name will resolve to a page indicating that the name is reserved from use through ICM Registry’s rights protection program. The “block” will be valid for a period of 10 years.

Read more information about Sunrise B

General Registration – First Come, First Served, Open to the Public

Pre-Registration Begins Monday, July 25

$129.00/year – Risk Free. Pay only for successful .XXX domain registrations.

General Availability is open to anyone who wishes to register domain(s) in the .XXX extension. It is a live first come, first serve registration period. Registrations will take place in real time. There are no requirements pertaining to trademarks or pre-existing domain names.

Note: is supporting General Registration with the aim to
helping our customers protect their existing assets (non-trademarked
names and brands). .XXX domains registered at will not resolve or support live content or email.  


More information about .XXX is available at 
Call toll free 1-866-221-7878 to speak to a Customer Support representative about .XXX

Learn More

History of .XXX –
The Register – .XXX Set to Go Live
Wired Magazine – ICANN Approves .XXX Red-Light District For The Internet

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ICANN Approves New gTLD Program – A New Domain Landscape is on the Horizon

New Domain Names are Coming in 2012

Part of the mandate of ICANN is to make the internet representative and inclusive. Over the last ten years they have tried to pick new top level domain names that would best serve the internet and this centralized process saw the introduction of new domain extensions such as .biz, .info, .mobi, .pro, and .tel.  A new domain program has been in discussion for a number of years and the timelines for it are expected to be announced fairly soon. The new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) paradigm will allow anyone to pay an application fee and so long as they fulfill certain criteria they will be able to run a domain name registry.

There are three main types of new gTLDs that are expected:

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