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Protecting municipalities and public institutions from cyberattacks

Combatting Cyberattacks at Local and Public Institutions

Over the past several years, municipalities, universities, schools, and hospital institutions – or the MUSH Sector for short – have become an attractive hunting ground for cybercriminals. Comprised of entities that receive government funding, but that are not controlled by government, the MUSH sector also important civic institutions like police forces, long term care homes,…

monitoring domain names for brand and trademark infringement

Introducing Domain Monitoring for Brand Protection

Domain Monitoring is an automated service that periodically scans domains registered in over 1000 domain extensions for mentions of your brand keywords to detect brand and trademark infringements. This helps businesses guard themselves against online threats, cyber-squatting and fraud and forms the basis of your brand protection strategy. Brand Protection online is a significant challenge…

HTTPS and SSL in 2020: What Website Owners Should Know

HTTPS and SSL in 2020

The pursuit of stronger data security and the need for stronger user protections is continually driving the evolution of SSL. On a continuous basis, new protocols and safety provisions are being introduced by the major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. As a result of this is HTTPS, and encryption as a…