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Expert Advice on Consolidating Your Domain Portfolio

Why Transfer? At we regularly deal with customers transferring their domain names over to us from other registrars. There are many good reasons to transfer your domain name from one registrar to another. One of the best is to consolidate all your domain names, which will allow you to manage your entire domain portfolio in one place and at one price. By having all of your domains with one registrar you benefit from knowing when your domains are expiring, what services the registrar offers, and even bulk domain pricing.

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2007 YWCA Vancouver Women of Distinction Awards Highlights

Earlier this week I had the privilege of attending the 24th Annual YWCA Women of Distinction Awards. I was nominated in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation category by the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE), and before I tell you whether or not I won, I want to say that it was an honour to be nominated, and to attend this inspiring event. Over 1000 people attended the gala at the Westin Bayshore Vancouver, including many of the local community’s top entrepreneurs, business leaders, media, educators, environmentalists and even David Suzuki, who was sitting at the next table supporting his wife, a nominee in the non-profit/public service category.

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Blogs you should read: Seth Godin

seth_godin Author of marketing touchstones like “Purple Cow” and “All Marketers are Liars,” Seth Godin is a marketing heavy-weight and according to Business Week “the Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age.” He is also a great writer and continually offers solid advice on his blog, giving you tips on what to do and what not to do to market your business. From personal anecdotes, to customers stories, to branding insight, Godin’s blog is accessible, candid and packed full of valuable content. One of the best things about this blog though is that it continually gets you thinking about things you can apply to everyday life and your small business.

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RSS – what is and why you should use it

The words ‘RSS feed’ can inspire fear in even a technically minded person. What is RSS? Where do I start? And most importantly why should I bother using it? are the questions that first come to mind. RSS is still a fairly new concept but it is becoming widely used because it provides an effortless way for busy people to stay connected to the vast amount of information available on the Internet.

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How to Find a Good Domain Name – Suggestions from the clever folks at

Earlier this week (a great resource for business startups and entrepreneurs – bookmark it if you fall into this category) published an article with tips on “How to Find a Good Domain Name“. The article challenges the popular perception that ‘all the good domains are gone’. While we certainly know that isn’t the case for .CA domains, with over 65 million .COM’s registered, it’s getting increasingly difficult to secure a good, evocative .COM domain in the primary market. Here are’s tips and recommendations, with our own suggestions thrown into the mix.

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This week only – First time customers to save 50% off domains and services

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of .CA, founded by our very own John Demco, is running a great promotion until midnight on Sunday, May 20th 2007.

For one week only, first time customers to SAVE 50% off posted prices at the time of check out. There is no better time to get everything you need to succeed online, including:

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Today Canada celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the .CA domain, marking the official delegation of .CA to John Demco from Jon Postel of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). And as Canadians go about reading their daily paper online or checking their local weather or “Google” whatever it is they are looking for, they will likely be going to a .CA website.

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Upcoming Event – Domain Roundtable Conference

Domain Roundtable Conference 

August 13-15th, Seattle, Washington

 Domain Roundtable

Attention domainers and domain industry players: the third-annual Domain Roundtable Conference is scheduled for August just south of the border in Seattle, Washington. The conference will explore trends, opportunities and innovations in domain name investment, covering topics such as domain portfolio development, domain sales and acquisitions, monetization and bringing domain values to brand managers and developers in other industries. This year’s theme is “Domains Breaking into the Open Market of the Business Community” and while most sessions will cater to seasoned domain professionals, the conference will also introduce new domainers to key concepts for succeeding online.

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Improving your Organic Search Results – Experts Rank Factors in Google’s Algorithm

Still struggling with organic search engine optimization? The folks at SEOmoz recently published their list of Search Engine Ranking Factors and if you care about being found on the Internet, you should take note. So who are these people? More than just another Internet Marketing company, SEOmoz is a hub for search marketers worldwide, providing education, tools and resources to help individuals, non-profits and government organizations leverage the unique reach of the Internet to increase their online visibility and success. They also maintain a top-notch blog about search engine optimization, social media, online marketing, useability and other important stuff that affects your online world.

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Upgrade Today! Launches New Webmail

Our new and improved webmail user interface has launched. This upgrade will enable you to accomplish more with your Webmail.

In addition to the flexibility of sending and receiving e-mail from any computer with Internet access, our new webmail comes with calendaring and contacts manager, e-mail search functionality, shared task manager, notepad, enhanced folder management, allowed senders and blocked senders, among other features. We hope find the improved interface and new features easy-to-use.

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E-mail Improvements – Fighting Spam, Improved Webmail

Winning the War on Spam

Spam, or unsolicited bulk e-mail, has risen in both quantity and sophistication over recent years.  In 2006 spam made up 40% of all e-mail, a number expected to increase to an unnerving 63% in 2007. With the average person receiving over 2,200 unsolicited messages last year alone, spam has reached unsavory new heights. To help combat the impacts of spam on our customers, has made comprehensive upgrades to our e-mail service.

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Getting your Small Business Online: tips for planning your first website

Simple websites between one and a dozen pages, commonly referred to as “brochure” websites, are widely used by small businesses and organizations to accomplish two things on the Internet: get found on search engines and provide information about products/services to potential customers 24/7. The term “brochure website” is actually something of a misnomer. One of the worst mistakes a small business can make is duplicating their marketing material online.

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