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Social Networks – Why not create your own?

social network Lately you can’t go online without seeing another social network, so why not do your part and create your own! Seriously though, while it’s hard to keep track of every new social network on the block, if you already belong to a community or market, a social network may be the communications tool you’re looking for. Whether you are the owner of a sports equipment store wanting to connect with the local running community, or you are a recruiter looking to create better connections in your industry, you could use a social network to help reach out to your community. While this might be as easy as creating a group on Facebook, there is a whole segment of companies waiting to help you create your very own social networking site.

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Large Call Centers Can Mean Big Headaches

callcenter baby

One of the things I’ve noticed in the three months I’ve been at is the commitment to resolving issues. I’ve worked at several call centers, and all of them have been large scale operations. The first call center I worked at had contracts with companies such as Microsoft, and MCI to name a few. At the time I was employed in the Narrowband technical support department for a major North American internet service provider, which was pretty much just a fancy way of saying dial-up tech support.

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How to Pitch Your Company: Story lines to get you started

microphone I recently read a great post on Guy Kawasaki’s blog that I wanted to share with our readers. If you are pitching your company – to customers or investors, through PR or marketing, or even face to face, it is vital to have some key talking points about your company. While you may have heard about the importance of having an elevator pitch (a pitch concise enough to be done in an elevator ride that hits all your key points), talking points and stories are also important. You can mention your key message points over and over, but one of the best ways to switch this up, in your marketing material, is to have stories to tell, ones that offer meaning to your audience.

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Through Google Alerts, I receive a daily mishmash of domain news specific to Canada. The news briefs mostly relate to domain disputes, sales of .CA domains and portfolios, news releases from other registrars, etc. Every once in a while I get an alert about something noteworthy. This was one of those mornings.

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Are your online brands secure? Why “Securing Internet Identities” is more than a catchy phrase

secure I am often asked about the tagline “Securing Internet Identities”. What seems to be a nondescript statement really means we work to help you protect your brands on the Internet. There are numerous ways your brand can be used to your detriment on the Internet, making it vital for you to have a strategy and an ally like to help advise you about protecting your online brands.

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LinkedIn and Facebook: Are you using social networks for business?

From LinkedIn to Flickr to mySpace to Facebook (and these are just some of the most widely used sites) it seems like everyone’s joining social networks. Whether you focus on one, or you sign up for them all, they can be a valuable tool for meeting people and making connections on the Internet. Up until recently, LinkedIn was the social network of choice for companies trying to drum up new business, or recruiters looking to headhunt top prospects. LinkedIn is still very widely used, and definitely useful, but it’s now having to share it’s user base with Facebook.

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Canadians and Search: SEO Resources and Insight

While reading One Degree’s recap of the recent Search Engine Strategies Conference in Toronto one thing really struck me – “78% of Canadians will turn to search engines to research a product or service.” This means nearly 80% of Canadians are doing their consumer research online. This is good news for Canadian businesses, confirming the Internet is a vital place for you to reach potential customers. Although the Internet landscape is very crowded, Canadians have an advantage and opportunity with search engine marketing and optimization, as this conference showed that most Canadian businesses are still are not utilizing these strategies to increase customers and market share.

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Wikis Can Make Business Communication Easier

Even if you don’t know what a wiki is, it’s likely you have come across one recently – Wikipedia – the biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet, with over 7 million articles in over 200 languages (and still growing). The reason I say you’ve likely come across it is because Wikipedia has great search engine ranking, so whether you’ve searched for “marketing” or “RSS“, “search engine optimization” or even “wiki” a Wikipedia entry was near the top of your results.

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Getting PR Coverage For Your Small Business: Contract Out or DIY?

be heardFor a small business getting media coverage may seem like a daunting task. While you may never have a huge PR team like Microsoft, working with a public relations consultant can create a positive face for your company, and generate new business while you’re at it.

If you haven’t worked with a PR person before, it’s hard to know where to start – large firm, independent consultant or a boutique agency? You want someone who understands your business, and the best place to start is probably with a small PR company. A local consultant or boutique firm will usually have smaller clients, and will work with them more closely. You may work with the principal of a small company, rather than a junior PR person at a larger firm. If you want to test the waters but aren’t sure you are ready to hire a PR person, you can always start by doing it yourself.

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Blogs you should read: Seth Godin

seth_godin Author of marketing touchstones like “Purple Cow” and “All Marketers are Liars,” Seth Godin is a marketing heavy-weight and according to Business Week “the Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age.” He is also a great writer and continually offers solid advice on his blog, giving you tips on what to do and what not to do to market your business. From personal anecdotes, to customers stories, to branding insight, Godin’s blog is accessible, candid and packed full of valuable content. One of the best things about this blog though is that it continually gets you thinking about things you can apply to everyday life and your small business.

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RSS – what is and why you should use it

The words ‘RSS feed’ can inspire fear in even a technically minded person. What is RSS? Where do I start? And most importantly why should I bother using it? are the questions that first come to mind. RSS is still a fairly new concept but it is becoming widely used because it provides an effortless way for busy people to stay connected to the vast amount of information available on the Internet.

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Free Online Tools to Simplify Your Work and Home Life

Between our staff and management group, we attend numerous events hosted by a range of organizations, affiliations and charities over the course of a year. Sometimes we’re asked to bring collateral material about our services. Along the way, we decided it would be better to provide people with something more useful than yet another flyer or brochure.

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