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CIRA Members Can Now Vote in the 2022 Board of Directors Election

CIRA 2022 Board Election

Canadian Internet Registration Authority members are encouraged to vote in the CIRA Board of Directors Election which is running from September 15 – September 22, 2022.

As a member-based organization, CIRA’s 15,000-strong community of members play a critical role in helping build a trusted internet for Canadians – and this includes the act of showing support and voting for board candidates that will help to shape the direction of CIRA.

CIRA’s mission is to connect, protect and engage the internet community in Canada and beyond by ensuring the stewardship of the .CA domain, providing high-quality registry, DNS and cybersecurity services, as well as being an actively engaged supporter of the global internet community. To accomplish this CIRA is best served by diverse board, balanced with gender and regional diversity, and representative of all Canadians who use the internet in their daily lives. Board members should bring both vision and expertise to their role that will help drive innovation so CIRA can improve Canada’s internet.

CIRA’s 2022 Board Candidates

The final roster of candidates exhibit a wide range of relevant experience and accomplishments; unfortunately however, geographic diversity is still limited. This year there are four board seats available: three from the nomination committee slate and one from the member slate.

Member Slate

The 7 candidates supported by members include: Graeme Bunton, Iris Almeida-Côté, Margaret McBeath, Marita Moll, Matthew Gamble, Mekki MacAulay and Riyad Mobeen

As an organization, Webnames is encouraged by the quality of all the candidates on the member slate, particularly Graeme Bunton whose career for the past decade has been focused on Internet governance and the Domain Name System (DNS). Bunton also helped found Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, an academic research lab focused on the study of digital threats to civil society and high-level policy engagement.

Nomination Committee Slate

The 5 candidates selected by the Nomination committee include: Colleen Arnold, Don Bowman, Jimmy Mui, Michael Zahra and Oscar Roque

Are you a.CA owner, but not a CIRA Member?

To vote in CIRA’s Board Election, .CA holders first need to be CIRA members. As a CIRA Member you will be part of a Canadian Internet community of people who share an interest in building a better online Canada and have an opportunity to shape the business aspects of the internet as well as how Canadians develop the internet as a cultural space. Members provide feedback through surveys and consultations on internet issues, participate in CIRA’s governance and can participate in virtual and local events aimed at networking , business development and knowledge sharing.

If you are a .CA holder but not yet a member, you can submit a membership application today.

The process takes just 2-3 minutes to complete and requires either photo ID or the much easier alternative of supplying contact information for a guarantor. While we can’t say your membership will be approved in time to vote for the 2022 CIRA Board Election, there will be many other ways in the coming year to contribute.

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Both CIRA and the election candidates rely on member participation. To our customers who are also CIRA members, you have until September 22 to help elect four new CIRA Directors who will work in the best interest of the organization and the Canadian internet. Have your say and vote.

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