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Represent your interests with a .CLUB gTLD

The .CLUB gTLD extension is one of the new domains being released that provides flexibility and is usable by different groups associated with the word “club”, worldwide.

While registration of the .CLUB gTLD is an open domain extension, groups such as night clubs, sport clubs, exclusive membership clubs, social clubs, hobby clubs, professional societies and school clubs will be able to maximize the .CLUB domain’s potential.

Domains under the .CLUB gTLD

Because the .CLUB gTLD applies to scientific organizations, it will be the ideal choice to help clubs establish an engaging and effective online presence for their respective clubs.

For all clubs, the .CLUB gTLD will allow you to secure your exact club name (sometimes not possible in extensions like .COM or .CA), grow your club membership and provide a unique online representation of your club’s interests.

Organizations with a .CLUB domain will also be able to better promote themselves and any initiatives over the Internet. Another benefit of registering your club under the .CLUB gTLD is that it allows you to connect with other like-minded individuals more easily.

For Bars and Clubs Too! 

For bars and club owners, .CLUB domains will be a great marketing tool. In order to standout online, the names chosen by clubs are usually creative.

With the .CLUB gTLD extension, clubs will be able to create domains that represent their entire brand (such as YourName.CLUB). Marketing an event, hosting a social gathering or special offers will be easier under the new extension.

Registering a .CLUB domain will make you more discoverable online. People searching for nearby clubs or bars online will be able to quickly identify your business or your organization with a .CLUB domain name.

Pre-register NOW!

Make sure to pre-register for this gTLD and any other extensions you might be interested in by heading over to

Pre-registration is FREE, there is no commitment to buy the domain at this point and you will be the first to know when your selected pre-registrations become available.

All gTLD information is available for everyone by going to the ICANN gTLD wiki or the .CLUB wiki page.

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