[Guide] How to Get Your Own Custom Email Address

[Guide] How to Get Your Own Custom Email Address


A custom email address might seem like a minor detail in the grand scheme of things, but it is extremely important for businesses and entrepreneurs. Ranging from comedic to informative, different articles online conclude two things about an email address:

  • Generic email addresses are seen as amateurish. If technology is important for the industry you are in, generic addresses gives off the impression that you are less tech-savvy to your peers.
  • Custom email address users are seen as professional and credible. For job hunters, a personalized email address can help you stand out from other prospects.

The basics of a custom email address

Creating a custom email address is a lot like creating a new website. You first need to choose your domain name then you can start setting up your address.

Syncing it up with the inbox of your choice

Email hosting providers like Webnames.ca lets you sync a customized email address with third-party software and apps like Outlook and Gmail through IMAP and POP protocols.

Using IMAP and POP is useful if you want to consolidate all your different email accounts under a single inbox. It’s also beneficial if you prefer to use a particular user interface to email messages in your inbox.

POP – Post Office Protocol

POP was developed in 1984 and has evolved since then. Offering a simple option to access email messages, POP functions like a post office. Once it receives mail, it delivers it to your doorstep and the original message on the server is deleted.

When to use POP
  • If you use a single machine to check your email, POP is a viable solution.
  • If you expect to receive a lot of email messages, use POP to download your messages.
Downsides of POP

POP downloads messages onto a single device so emails will be tied to a particular machine. This means that if you access your inbox from a new machine, your messages won’t be viewable.

IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol

IMAP was created during 1986 but was developed to be more flexible than POP. Unlike POP, IMAP syncs your messages across different devices. IMAP is perfect for users that access their email on multiple devices and it synchronizes your activity.

When to use IMAP
  • If you check your email from multiple devices, use IMAP to set up your email address.
  • If you want to integrate your custom email with a webmail service like Gmail, Yahoo or the web version of Outlook, use IMAP.
Downsides of IMAP

IMAP does not delete messages on the server so storage can if you have a large number of messages in your inbox.

Free Alternative: Email Forwarding

When you register a domain from Webnames.ca, it comes with a feature called “Email Forwarding”. What it does is it allows users to create an email address that forwards each message to another.

For example, you can set up morgan@example.ca and any email sent to the address is automatically redirected to another email – say, morgan@gmail.com.

The downside to email forwarding is that it only lets you receive emails sent to that address, but you cannot reply through it.

Why is having a custom address important?

Back in the day, a Hotmail or Yahoo email address was an acceptable solution because of the limited options available. However, the large list of email hosting providers makes having a generic address inexcusable in today’s ultracompetitive business world.

With that in mind, a custom email helps create a strong first impression. By showing potential customers that you take professionalism seriously, it alleviates concerns they may have about your business.

Of course, email is still only a component of the big picture. While having a professional email address helps, delivering value to customers solidifies your credibility even further.

If you’d like to see how Webnames.ca can help set up a custom email address, check out our email hosting plans and spend some time going through it. When you are ready to get your custom email account set-up, we can make it painless for you.

If you need more help, reach out to us at 1-866-221-7878 and our team will be happy to assist you.

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