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Customer Website Highlight:

Last year Webnames launched a web design service with small business in mind, called FastTrack. FastTrack provides a professional website, built quickly (typically 8-10 business days) and affordably. The program has been a huge success and we wanted to highlight some of the great websites that have been coming out of this program.

This month we’re looking at We asked Kevin Essar, the owner of Be In Balance a few questions about the company’s website, and how things have been going for the company since working with Webnames.

Describe beinbalancescreencapyour business.

Be In Balance is “Bringing the Gift of Wellness to the World through natural and non-invasive products and services for your well-being, your home, and other areas of your life.”

How important is your website to your business? 

My website is an extremely important aspect of my business.  It provides a point-of-contact for people from across the street, city, province, country, and world to access the wellness products and services provided by Be In Balance.

Why did you decide to invest in a new website?

The first Webnames web builder website I purchased had limited functionality and was difficult to maintain.  As a result, updating the website became more of a chore and the information on the website became quickly outdated.  When Webnames upgraded their website product to FastTrack powered by WordPress, I decided to invest in a new website.  I was already familiar with WordPress, having started the Be In Balance Blog (, and knew how easy it was to use.

When choosing a company to work on your site, what factors came in to play?

Being a home-based business, value-for-money is always something I assess before finalizing my decision.  Part of the value-for-money assessment includes customer support.  Having worked with Webnames previously, I already knew the quality customer service I would receive would be exceptional.

Tell us a bit about your experience working with Webnames.

My experience working with Webnames was easy.  I completed and submitted the application.  Webnames then produced a draft website for me to review.  After I provided feedback, the final website was published.  It was easy and stress free.  The only surprise for me was how ecstatic I was with the first draft of the website – Webnames was able to take the information from my application and turn it into a product which met (and even exceeded) my expectations.

Did you learn anything new by going through this process? 

I learned sometimes it is better to ‘out-source’ to the experts certain aspects of my business’ operations.

Has your new website had any effect on your business? 

My new website has given me a great portal where all customers can now be directed to access all products and services offered by Be In Balance.  It has helped me to develop a coordinated marketing strategy.

Is social media integrated with your website? 

Yes, social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, and WordPress are integrated with my website.  I believe social media is an extremely important part of a coordinated marketing strategy.

How easy has it been for you to manage your site and keep it up-to-date?

Since I already had a WordPress blog, I was familiar with the program.  This has made it extremely easy for me to manage my website.  Even if I had not been familiar with WordPress, making the switch from the previous program used to manage my first website would have been a huge improvement.

What would you tell someone who was considering working with Webnames on their new website?

Do it!

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