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WordPress Website Highlight: imperialspaces.ca

Last year Webnames launched a web design service with small business in mind, called FastTrack. FastTrack
provides a professional website, built quickly (typically 8-10 business
days) and affordably. The program has been a huge success and we wanted
to highlight some of the great websites that have been coming out of
this program.

This month we’re looking at imperialspaces.ca.
We asked Helene Imperial, the owner of Imperial Spaces a few questions about Imperial_spaces2
the company’s website, and how things have been going for the company
since working with Webnames.

Please describe your business in 25 words or less.

Imperial Spaces is a Vancouver, BC based home staging and styling company.  We help homeowners and realtors sell their property by making it attractive to buyers.

How important is your website to your business? What does it do for

Our website is very important.  It helps us showcase who we are, our portfolio and shows how we can help homeowners.

Why did you decide to invest in a new website?

We invested in a new website to keep up to date with new technology and take advantage of social media.

When choosing a company to work on your site, what factors came into play?

Webnames built my original website it was easy to stay with them.

Tell us a bit about your experience working with Webnames. How was the process? Did everything go as expected? Were there any surprises?

It was an easy process.  Everything went as expected.  There were no surprises.

Did you learn anything new by going through this process? If yes, what was it?

We learned how to use WordPress and edit the site ourselves.

Has your new website had any effect on your business, either day to day or overall? If so, please explain.

Past clients who have seen the new website comment on how nice it looks.

Is social media integrated with your website? If yes, why do you think it’s important to you and your business?

Social media is integrated in our website.  It’s important to us as it enables us to reach more potential clients and raise awareness.

How easy has it been for you to manage your site and keep it up to date?

It has been easy to manage and edit the site.

What would you tell someone who was considering working with Webnames on their new website?

I would highly recommend Webnames.  Max was a great support!

Want a quick and simple approach to building your website? Learn more about FastTrack, one of our web design options.

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