.DESIGN domain: 5 businesses absolutely rocking it

5 Websites Pioneering the Way for .DESIGN

.DESIGN Domain Name

With hundreds of new domain extensions already available, the new extensions are ushering in a new era for the Internet and businesses all over the world are beginning to take notice.

From the world’s largest corporations to thousands of small businesses, new domains like .DESIGN make it much easier to find a relevant domain name that defines a business.

So without further delay…



Energi.Design is an award-winning motion graphics and web design company based in London, San Francisco and Munich, and it’s one of the first pioneers of the .DESIGN domain.

Before making the move to .DESIGN, the 22-year old company had experimented with different domain names throughout the years – from energidesign.com to energi.click.

Unfortunately, the names it chose didn’t really convey what the firm was about in a short and relevant manner.

So when Shawn Holmes, the company’s founder, discovered .DESIGN, he immediately made the move to the new extension. According to Shawn, “Energi.Design is the actual name of my company, founded over 20 years ago. So finally having the exact domain name to match it is perfect.”

And we’d have to agree – it’s a great way to brand your business online using a relevant and targeted name.



//3877 is an architecture firm but they also provide interior design, brand development and graphic design services. Similar to their website design, their work focuses on a clean and contemporary design that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Operating out of Washington DC, the company felt that they needed a name that spoke directly to who they are and what they do. As partner David Shove-Brow puts it “.COM, .NET, etc are too generic. We don’t need to be in the same mix as lawyers, accountants and other businesses. We want to go after a more direct audience.”

So when they discovered the .DESIGN domain, they made the switch because it concisely conveyed who they are as a company and what they do.



Based in Helsinki, Luk Design is a visual communication design company that helps other businesses convey key ideas through aesthetically pleasing graphics. Needless to say, they know how important effective aesthetically pleasing design and graphics are for businesses.

Because of the competitive landscape of graphic design and visual communication, Art Director Anna Muchenikova wanted to find a name that directly conveyed who they are while also being aesthetically pleasing.

So when .DESIGN became available, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to strengthen their brand online, while also reinforcing their image as a modern studio.

With that in mind, they made the switch from LukDesign.Fi to Luk.Design to help them accomplish their goals. It also didn’t hurt that the word “design” is globally recognized which ultimately helps the firm reach a wider audience online.



As one of the first .design websites to go live, Chris Carpenter had followed .design closely. Before it had even launched, he had pre-ordered a .DESIGN domain and was patiently waiting for it to to go live.  And when the day came, the Cardiff School of Art and Design student immediately moved his personal portfolio from a .co.uk to a .DESIGN domain.

Why? It was important for him to showcase his expertise in typography and video animation on a more relevant domain extension. .DESIGN just made perfect sense so the transition was a no-brainer.



Sam Rodell Architecture has been around even before I was born. Needless to say, they’re very good at what they do, and they’ve achieved great success by combining their building expertise and creativity.

When the new .DESIGN domain launched, founder Sam Rodell decided it was time to move from their .co domain, to rodell.design. According to Same, .design “felt right” and it was a perfect fit for his firm.

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