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.DESIGN the Perfect Domain Name

Everyone loves a well designed product, that’s a fact. We always look for that one thing that separates us apart from others or
that one cool novelty feature on a product, and we usually fall for
those features and end up buying it.tld-domain-search draft.jpg

Take cellphones for example. The these days we are seeing thinner but larger phones; they all practically function the same way, but each company has a quirky feature on their product that separates them from the pack. If you don’t have the latest design, you’re likely feeling a bit left out.

While the innovative designs seem to come out of nowhere, they all start out on the drawing board of a hard-working designer with a vision for greatness and the .DESIGN extension is perfect for thse individuals or marketers and companies using those unique designs.

.DESIGN’s flexibility and how to use it

The .DESIGN extension will be great for the different members of the design industry. Whether you’re a web designer, fashion designer, car designer or watch designer, the .DESIGN extension will work for you. This can be where you showcase your portfolio, showcase your designs or market a product.

For web designers, consider Web.Design, you can’t send a clearer message than that to your website visitors. This domain communicates your message in the best way possible for your industry.

For those in other design-related industries, you can register AviatorWatches.DESIGN or ConceptCar.DESIGN as your domain names or as testing platforms for any prototype product you’re promoting.

So, what? I already have a domain name

We get this a lot and we will still repeat the advice we always give. If you’re in love with your .COM or .CA, you can still register a .DESIGN domain, which protects your brand and use your new domain to forward your customers to your main website. By forwarding customers that find you by searching for keywords like “design” from your .DESIGN gTLD to your main website, you can keep their business with you and not miss out on any potential revenue. Plus, it never hurts to have it as a backup; you wouldn’t want someone else taking your name now, would you?

Pre-Register NOW

Make sure to pre-register for this gTLD and any other extensions that you might be interested in by heading over to www.webnames.ca/pre-registration.

Pre-registering is FREE, there is no commitment to buy the domain at this point and you’ll be the first to know when your selected pre-registrations become available.

All gTLD information is readily available for all individuals. You can access gTLD information by going to the ICANN gTLD Application Wiki or the .DESIGN wiki page.

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