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Discovering .CA: Domains Worth Exploring This Year

Across the country, Canadians are getting together to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. As we approach a milestone anniversary for our country, there are many reasons we are proud to be Canadian—our nature, culture, businesses and accepting (if overly polite) national identity. Another reason to be proud? .CA, Canada’s very own ccTLD, turns 30 years old this year.

Though a cross-country tour may not be possible, anyone feeling sentimental about Canada’s anniversaire can embark on their very own click-through tour of the .CA landscape for the best of what the country has to offer. With three decades of Canadian websites under its belt, .CA provides a comprehensive look at the spirit and attractions that make our country so great.

Here are some iconic .CA domains that give you a true taste of what it means to be Canadian.

Explore the Great White North

Wherever you are in Canada, it’s safe to say that nature isn’t too far away. As Canadians, we are proud of our great outdoors: mountains, islands, lakes and beaches are essential to the Canadian identity.

That’s why any trip through the .CA landscape must cover some iconic outdoor terrain—take, for instance,, which highlights the absolute must-visit Canadian side of the falls. This .CA makes it clear that our natural attractions match (even rival) those of our neighbours to the south. For more stunning vistas, take to the mountain tops: takes you up the Sea-to-Sky to Canada’s paradise in the clouds. It’s OK if you didn’t make the trip during the 2010 Winter Games—this site will let you experience one of the country’s favourite ski resorts.

For an even wilder experience, head north to Heritage Yukon, which will guide you through Canada’s “Wilderness City”. The territory’s motto is “Larger than life” for a reason: the landscape isn’t like anything else in the world, which makes loud and clear. It’s also home to Canada’s highest point, Mount Logan, but thanks to this website you don’t have to be on the mountain to see the Northern Lights cascade across the Yukon sky.

Or else venture over to, and explore aerial views of British Columbia’s coastal wonders in a classic de Havilland Beaver. Tofino Air encourages customers to “sit back, focus your camera and enjoy your time with us.” Breathtaking views of white sand beaches, surfers and the occasional whale will make that an easy task. With Canadian friendliness evident throughout, this site gives you a sense of both the natural landscapes and polite attitudes that characterize the country.

Exploring beyond .CA? .Travel, .Bike, .Land, .Training, .World or .Fly domains can capture the sense of adventure and wonder that Canadians have for the great outdoors.

Hit the rinks and crack a cold one

Everyone has their own definition of Canadian culture and it isn’t as simple as being polite and liking the snow. It’s hard to nail down, but there are a few things we can probably agree on. The .CA landscape provides an overview of the many facets of Canadian culture, and will leave you itching to lace up your skates and open a beer.

Celebrating Canada’s national winter sport at all levels, is a one-stop shop for anyone interested in supporting or playing Canada’s favourite game. With stats on Canada’s National teams and real stories from the people who pile equipment into their cars before sunrise, the site is committed to faithfully portraying one of the country’s most popular pastimes—that is, watching hockey and drinking beer.

Speaking of beer, there’s something for every beer drinker at Granville Island Brewing. Depending on when you go, you’ll find tasty maple ales, vanilla-infused seasonal beers and raspberry creations under the bridge. Even if you’re not on the west coast, has a handy guide that tells you where to find its classic creations in your province.

Alternate domains can be helpful tools for Canadians exploring specific areas of culture and interest, like .Sport and .Beer. Or take a page out of Hockey Canada’s book and register a .Hockey domain— fwds to

Support Canadian brands

You aren’t a true Canadian if you don’t love pointing out things that are distinctly Canadian—like Ryan Gosling, maple syrup and free healthcare. MEC, Canada’s most trusted brand, is always on display on the mountains and trails of our country, but you can also find it online at Here, you’re able to join clubs, buy equipment and sign up for classes. Getting outdoors can be easy, if you do it with MEC.

Another one of Canada’s favourite brands also prides itself on equipping Canadians for the outdoors. If you visit, you’ll finally figure out what your uncle learned years ago: this store has it all. The website holds true to that statement, with a friendly navigation tool and great deals, some of which can only be accessed online.

Speaking of great deals, White Spot is still as much of an institution as it was when it opened over 85 years ago. The platform is as welcoming as you’d expect, with a special kids page inviting you to download the WS Legendary app. Speaking of which, we know that only kids are supposed to order Pirate Paks, but the restaurant has more than enough for older folks, too. Your American friends who are always bragging about In-N-Out have clearly never had a Legendary Burger.

Other places to hunt around for supplies, food or information can be found under popular domains like .Enterprises, .Shop, .Food and .News.

Of course, there is much more to the country—and the .CA landscape—than mountains, hockey and beer. For a deeper dive into Canadian history, why not visit The Canadian Museum of Human Rights at, or learn more about one of Canada’s many Indigenous groups at From prehistoric dinosaur bones at to contemporary masterpieces at the (aka the VAG), .CA can give you a comprehensive look at the art, science and history that further define Canada’s diverse culture.

Whether you choose to travel around the country for Canada’s 150th or not, with the plethora of .CA sites to browse, it’s hard to miss out on celebrating our country. What are you waiting for? Start exploring.

Want to join Canada’s most patriotic web landscape? Register a .CA domain with Webnames today.

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