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Re-brand yourself with a .MARKETING domain

With the plethora of different companies and businesses out there, it can become challenging identifying one company from another. It is also even more challenging distinguishing yourself from the rest of the competition. Luckily for companies in different industries, the new domains coming out will bring and present new and numerous opportunities for businesses to stand out. One extension that can potentially change the Internet for marketers is .MARKETING.
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What can marketers do with this domain extension?

You need to start by understanding how you plan to use this new domain name. Will the domain function as your new online platform for marketing campaigns? Will it become your portfolio website? Or perhaps the new company blog? How you use it really is in your hands and how you use it will impact your business.

Not just for companies!

By the way, this domain isn’t restricted to companies. Marketing gurus can grab a .MARKETING domain and start blogging or offering their expertise online. Use the extension to grow your network, reach and influence in the business world. .MARKETING can differentiate your blog/website from the rest of the marketing community.

Find your competitive edge

As a business, finding a competitive advantage is tough. Sustaining and maintaining that advantage is even tougher. Most businesses realize that being an early adopter in an industry can be risky, but the potential upside is sure to pay dividends. This is exactly what the .MARKETING domain is, but with more upside than the other new domain extensions.

While there are no real barriers within this extension (except for a trademark here and there), being one of the first adopters of this extension allows you to identify yourself easily to other companies and people on the Internet. With a .MARKETING domain, people know right away what you’re about!

So how can you use this new extension?

For boutique agencies and marketing experts trying to stand out, consider registering a domain name under this extension. As I said, this extension has multiple uses; from a blog to a portfolio for potential clients, you can shape how your .MARKETING domain will work. So you can get YourNameBlog.MARKETING or YourNameWork.MARKETING and highlight your expertise and work to clients and visitors.

As for larger agencies, consider registering for a domain under the .MARKETING extension. While your current .com or .ca is synonymous with your brand, some people will still stumble upon or try going to YourDomain.MARKETING. You can re-direct your customers back to your main website, and keep their business with you. You can also consider the new .MARKETING extension as an extension of your brand. You can re-brand your website under the new extension with the hope of creating more synergy with your online presence and brand.

Whatever you do with your .MARKETING domain extension, it will be beneficial for both individuals and businesses. Don’t miss your chance to get a new domain under this extension!

Pre-register NOW

Make sure to pre-register for this gTLD and any other extensions that you might be interested in by heading over to

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All gTLD information is readily available for all individuals. You can access gTLD information by going to the ICANN gTLD Application Wiki or the .MARKETING page.

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