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Domain Name News – April 3, 2011


DNSSEC Deployed In .COM Domain – VeriSign has announced that as of March 31 the .com domain supports DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC). In 2010, VeriSign had rolled out DNSSEC in .net, .edu, and, in collaboration with ICANN and the U.S. Department of Commerce, the root zone.

.XXX Contract Signed – ICANN and ICM signed the .xxx registry agreement on April 1. The ICANN Board had authorized this step at its March 18 meeting. One of the changes to the draft contract was that ICANN’s per registration transaction fee has doubled from $1 to $2 “to account for anticipated risks and compliance activities”.

Picks To Click

  • Telnic, the .tel registry operator, is launching the registration of two-letter and all-numeric .tel domain names. Landrush starts on June 1; general availability starts on June 14.
  • Stephen Wolff has been named as Interim Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Internet2. Among his many accomplishments, he led the development of the NSFNET, which became commercialized into the Internet of today. He also encouraged the development of the Internet in Canada and internationally.


  • Wed, Jun 1: two-letter and all-numeric .tel domains landrush
  • Wed, Jun 8: World IPv6 Day
  • Tue, Jun 14: two-letter and all-numeric .tel domains general availability
  • Sun, Jun 19 – Fri, Jun 24: ICANN meetings in Singapore
  • Fri, Jul 1: .info registry fee increases
  • Tue, Sep 20: CIRA Annual General Meeting in Vancouver
  • Wed, Sep 21 – Wed, Sep 28: CIRA Board of Directors election
  • Sun, Oct 23 – Fri, Oct 28: ICANN meetings in Dakar, Senegal

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