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Domain Name News – August 6, 2013


ICANN Releases Reports On Name Collisions And Dotless Domains – ICANN has released two reports which will are likely to affect aspects of the New gTLD Program. One report is on “name collisions” within the Domain Name System, i.e. situations in which names used in some private networks are the same as names applied for as new gTLDs. The report finds that the possibility of confusion is low for 80% of the applied-for names and high for two names: .corp and .home. For the remaining 20%, further study is to be done.

The second report concerns “dotless domains“, i.e. domain names to be used without any dots, e.g. mail@example. Among the report’s recommendations are to identify and reserve potentially dangerous strings, and to perform follow-up studies analyzing what dotless names are currently being used within private networks and quantifying the level of human confusion which may result if public dotless names come into use. Previously, ICANN’s Security and Stability Advisory Committee and the IETF’s Internet Architecture Board have both recommended against the use of dotless domains.

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  • The call for members to nominate prospective candidates for the CIRA Board of Directors election is open until Monday, August 12.


  • Mon, Jul 29 – Mon, Aug 12: call for Member Nominees for CIRA Board election
  • Wed, Aug 21 – Wed, Sep 4: shows of support for Member Nominees for CIRA election
  • Sun, Sep 1: .biz, .info registry fees increase
  • Mon, Sep 9 – Mon, Sep 16: online forum for CIRA Board of Directors election
  • Mon, Sep 16: CIRA Annual General Meeting in Montreal
  • Mon, Sep 16 – Mon, Sep 23: CIRA Board of Directors election
  • Sun, Nov 17 – Thu, Nov 21: ICANN meetings in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Sat, Feb 1: .net registry fee increases

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