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Domain Name News – ICANN and Stewardship of Technical Functions

Domain_News.png ICANN’s 49th meeting was held in Singapore last week. As described in ICANN’s press release, the meeting “was dominated by discussions stemming from the recent announcement by the U.S. Government that it wants to transfer stewardship of some vital Internet technical functions to provide for global accountability.”

Also at the meeting, CIRA President and CEO Byron Holland was reelected as the chair of the Country Code Name Supporting Organization (CCNSO).

The Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) issued a communiqué, including advice that the ICANN Board reconsider its decision to proceed with evaluation of the .wine and .vin gTLD applications, on procedural grounds.

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  • ICANN and the NTIA are drawing attention in Washington, D.C., with meetings of congressional committees and others being scheduled.
  • ICANN has posted new gTLD contracting statistics as of March 28, indicating that 368 Registry Agreements have been signed, an increase of 37 since March 14.
  • New gTLD registrations have surpassed 400,000.
  • CIRA has released the 2014 CIRA Factbook, a “collection of data and information that provides an overview of the health of the global domain name industry, the Canadian Internet, and .CA’s place in it.”
  • Nominet, the .uk registry, is now offering registry-level locking of .uk domain names.
  • Final policies have been approved for second-level .nz domain registrations.
  • In “What the US Government Said About IANA in Singapore“, Kieren McCarthy summarizes what NTIA officials said last week in Singapore about the U.S. government’s decision to transition its role in the IANA functions.


  • Wed, April 23 – Thu, April 24: NETmundial in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Sun, Jun 22 – Thu, Jun 26: ICANN meetings in London
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