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Domains have birthdays too! Happy Birthday .CO!

Happy Birthday .CO! 

It’s been 3 years since their global launch of the .CO domain and the folks over at .CO have done a great job of growing the domain. In the short time since it’s launch, there have been over 1.5 million .CO registrations already worldwide!

So how did .CO reach this milestone in such a short time? The .CO domain is highly popular among SMEs and events, worldwide. From the Canada to Australia, a lot of SMEs have adopted the domain because, “co” flexible and you can be creative with it.

Social media actually uses .CO domains a lot. I’m sure you’ve seen the different shortened URLs out there, including (Twitter) and (Google). Both companies use .CO innovatively and creatively.

So why is the .CO domain so popular with startups and SMEs? It’s because of the amazing perks they offer to members of the .CO community. .CO domain owners receive amazing perks (for free), like your business being promoted on the .CO website, receiving invites and access to industry events (Startup Weekend, anyone?) and receiving special deals for SMEs.

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  1. .CO is Colombia’s country code domain. the .CO.UK domain is simply a sub-domain of the .UK extension.

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