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dot-TEL on the iPhone – A First Look

I have to admit to a small amount of jealousy when I first saw the dot-TEL app on John Demco’s iPhone. I’d installed a copy of the Blackberry app on my 8830 a few days earlier and had been very pleased with the promise it showed. But on top of the functionality, it really looks very smart on the iPhone.
Telnic have created a suite of sample applications as a starting point for developers to bootstrap their development. In fact they’ve created an entire development community portal that includes downloadable applications, source code for everything, white papers, how to guides and communications tools such as Wikis and forums.

As with the Blackberry app, the iPhone functionality is limited to lookups unless you have the TelHosting credentials to login and manage your dot-TEL, update your information, manage friends and permissions. But again you can start to see the potential, even from a simple sample app.



To download the iPhone app yourself, or get the early stage apps for Blackberry, Outlook or Windows mobile, visit the dot-TEL Developer Community at

Click here for more information on .TEL

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