The .SHOP domain is now available & it's perfect for e-commerce

The .SHOP domain is now available & it’s perfect for e-commerce

For e-commerce businesses, a domain name is a pretty big deal. It’s an important part of your business because it’s how customers find your store online. But we also know finding the right domain can be challenging with all the new gTLDs now available. As a consumer, it’s easier to fall into the normal naming scheme of things and opt to go with a familiar domain.


But with the launch of .SHOP, this new domain extension certainly has a lot of potential. Online sales around the world keep rising and will continue to rise over the next few years. It’s pretty clear that e-commerce is here to stay and it’ll become more important for businesses to be effective at it. While launching a website is the first step that businesses need to take, getting the attention of audiences and driving traffic to your website are equally important.

What better way to reach customers than a .SHOP domain?

A .SHOP domain tells customers and visitors that your online store is open for business. It’s also the perfect way to reach local customers trying to find your store. But why stop there?

Our world has become an increasingly interconnected and reaching potential customers in Europe or Asia isn’t as far-fetched as it was years ago. In just a few clicks, a customer from France can order products from your site or someone in Japan might be browsing through your website. With .SHOP, you can create an easy to remember and globally recognised URL for your store.

Great for anyone with a focus on e-commerce

If you already own a website, why not try out a more intuitive name? .COM and .CA are certainly recognisable but .SHOP lets you combine a catchy URL with a call to action. For example, here are a couple of how businesses might use a .SHOP domain name:

  • -> Nike.Shop
  • -> Samsung.Shop

No website? No problem.

If you sell products on online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or Etsy, make it easier to find your store with .shop. Instead of using a long URL, use .shop to create a short name that your customers can easily remember.

Ready to get a .shop domain? Start your search by checking to see if the domain name you want is available.

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