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Moving from Web Builder to WordPress: Elm Children’s Centre

In 2011, launched our latest WordPress web design service called FastTrack. FastTrack was designed with small businesses in mind and aimed at fulfilling the needs of our customers while still making it affordable.

One of the things we did when we introduced this product was to transition some of our Web Builder clients (Web Builder is a legacy product) to our FastTrack web design program.

A client who we had the pleasure to work with was Elm Children’s Centre. In order to determine how to best meet the needs of Elm Children’s Centre, we asked them a couple of questions about what they wanted to get out of their new website and any current issues they had with their old one.

See the before and after below!

before-after3.jpg From Web Builder to FastTrack


  1. Elm Children’s Centre needed to create a website that appealed more to parents. While Web Builder had templates with a wide-selection of colour schemes, the designs were too “kid-like”.
  2. Elm Children’s Centre also wanted to take a more proactive approach to managing their website. They wanted to be able to control what information is on the website, and they wanted to be able to update their website with accurate and relevant information. More importantly, Elm Children’s Centre wanted to be able to do this in a time-efficient manner.


  1. Through our FastTrack program, we were able to keep the original colour palette but add a more professional look to it. The end result was an engaging and professional banner that was both appealing to parents and children.
  2. Before being able to manage their website on their own, provided WordPress training to Elm Children’s Centre. After training with one of our web designers, Elm Children’s Centre had the necessary tools and knowledge to run their own website.

See the final website here.

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