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E-mail Improvements – Fighting Spam, Improved Webmail

Winning the War on Spam

Spam, or unsolicited bulk e-mail, has risen in both quantity and sophistication over recent years.  In 2006 spam made up 40% of all e-mail, a number expected to increase to an unnerving 63% in 2007. With the average person receiving over 2,200 unsolicited messages last year alone, spam has reached unsavory new heights. To help combat the impacts of spam on our customers, Webnames.ca has made comprehensive upgrades to our e-mail service.

Over the past few months we’ve worked at improving spam protection at both the server and mailbox level. New end-user functionality includes the ability to customize your spam filter settings and create ‘whitelists’ (approved and domains) and ‘blacklists’ (blocked addresses). At the server level we’ve increased your protection against image-based spam.  This sneaky form of spam now accounts for 21% of all e-mails, up from 1% in 2005 and uses technology to vary the content of messages – colours, background, font type, image size, etc. – so they appear distinct to spam filters. We’re seeing the benefits of these improvements in our inbox’s and hope you are too.

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New and Improved Webnames.ca Webmail

Webnames.ca recently launched our new webmail interface! In addition to a clean new look, new features include e-mail search functionality, shared calendaring and contacts manager, tasklist, notepad and enhanced folder management capabilities.

If you use webmail for your small business or organization and have multiple users, our new shared calendaring and contacts manager tools will help you stay organized and on-top-of important dates, meetings and work related tasks.

So far we’ve received postive feedback about the fresh new look and user-friendly help documentation.  If you have a comment, let us know. If you would like a Webnames.ca Customer Support Representative to provide you a personal tutorial on the new webmail interface and its features, simply call toll free 1-866-221-7878.


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