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Webnames Free .CA Domain & 1-Page Website Initiative for Canadian Small Business, Freelancers & Job Seekers

free website for Canadian small businesses impacted by COVID-19

Updated – January 2022

The economic uncertainty brought on by COVID-19 hit small businesses and freelancers hardest of all. As we move in 2022, after two years of global pandemic, many entreprenuers and freelancers have had to pivot, try new things – and even launch new businesses.

At Webnames, we’ve been working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers for 20+ years – providing tools and the expert help that they need to launch and grow an online presence that supports their business goals. As a result of the pandemic, many businesses have had to reinvent how they deliver their services, and the importance of an online business presence has never been more critical to success. For many, this means launching their first website, for others a new website – and these are areas where Webnames can help.

To do our part to support our community, Webnames launched an initiative to provide a free 1-page website, branded email address, and .CA domain name to Canadian small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and job seekers that need one. 

.CA and LiteSite initiative for Canadian Small Business - Webnames.ca

We want to help those impacted by the economic downturn tap into a wider audience and get the word out about their services with as few barriers as possible!

Until June 30, 2022, Webnames will be giving away 1-page websites with a .CA domain name free of charge to help Canadians establish a quick, effective, professional 1-page business site for an existing business or a new side hustle they might have in the works.

Start Building Your Free Website

Webnames LiteSite package includes all of the following :

  • 1-page website (website builder, secure hosting, choice of mobile-friendly templates, contact form) 
  • .CA domain name (yourbiz.ca)
  • Custom email account (name@yourbiz.ca)
  • HTTPS security
  • Lead capture form

Easily build a simple, professional website to showcase a resume or portfolio, products, professional services, restaurant menu, or whatever you need. Most people are able to build and launch their website under 60-minutes or less with this helpful How-To Guide 👇🏾

Absolutely no payment info is required when you sign-up, and after one full year, renewing is entirely optional – no strings attached!

We recognize that this altered business reality could continue for years to come. It’s our hope that the Webnames .CA LiteSite Initiative can help Canadian entrepreneurs and small business owners stay connected with their customers, reach new audiences, and get found on the Internet (since this is where we will all be spending a lot of time for the foreseeable future).

Example LiteSite – Sorensen Books

Note: To be able to help as many people as possible, this offer is limited to one LiteSite package per person. Offer is open to Canadian small businesses on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to end at Webnames’ discretion.

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