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Give visibility to a cause or event with a .DAY domain name

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On February 1 the top-level .DAY domain name will launch for registration at 8:00 AM Pacific Time.

If you’re affiliated with a non-profit organization that marks a meaningful day as part of an awareness campaign or fundraising effort, the .DAY domain name is an excellent choice for drawing attention to your cause.

Raise awareness about a cause or initiative you care about

If you are on social media or watch the news, you’ll notice different organizations, charities, governments, and communities promoting awareness of issues or charitable initiatives through designated days of observance. The UN recognizes more than 175 international days and weeks to draw attention to global causes and issues, while the government of Canada acknowledges more than 50 commemorative days every year. Designating a day has also become an important way for non-profits and communities of all kinds to draw attention to causes of merit.

Some examples of nonprofit organizations that have already begun using .DAY to raise awareness around specific issues or causes include the World Wildlife Fund (, Giving Tuesday (, NAACP (, GAAD Foundation (, Human Rights Campaign (, among others. Although these organizations registered early during trademark and early access periods, the availability of great .DAY names remains high, as evidenced in this domain search from today below:

Giving your organization its own memorable .DAY domain name as a coherent destination for information about your cause can help increase reach and awareness, as well as get more people going to your website to learn about your initiative. 

Give your event a memorable brand and destination online

.DAY is also a fanatsic option for events, celebrations, volunteer initiatives, religious occasions, and milestones of all kinds – for example, work gatherings (, wedding and anniversary celebrations (, community gatherings (, religious occasions ( or volunteer initiatives ( It can also be the foundation of a clever branding campaign to draw attention to a product or brand, like Ferraro’s coming up next week, or FTD flowers acquiring to market one of their biggest days of the year.

Today’s the day for .DAY

Will you use .DAY to celebrate or recognize something or to engage more deeply with your community?  With so many possible uses, we encourage you to seize your .DAY domain while the namespace is full of amazing and available options, then start using it immediately to raise awareness of a day that’s important to you. If you have a webpage already, simple turn on domain forwarding and begin sharing it online.

As we always like to say, early birds get the best domain names when a new TLD launches, so be sure to submit your .DAY pre-orders early, ensuring your requested names will be submitted the instant General Registration opens on February 1, 2022.

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