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Go Mobile! with dotMobi

Since .mobi domain names were opened to the public in September 2006, more than 375,000 names have been registered. Thousands of innovative .mobi sites are already live and dotMobi has already itself as a major force in the industry. This morning, the folks behind the dotMobi registry announced the next phase of their plan to make the Internet mobile, starting with Go Mobile!

Go Mobile! is a brand new program designed to accelerate the adoption of .mobi domains and encourage the development of quality mobile content through a range of powerful tools. Since Webnames.ca is one of the few accredited dotMobi registrars worldwide, we’re happy to share these tools with our customers and hope that they’ll help convince you to protect your mobile brand if you haven’t already.

dotMobi launched their Emulator back in the Fall to help prospective .mobi domain owners see what their current website looked like to millions of mobile phone users. This was a great tool as it emulated a real mobile phone Internet browser – simply type in your website address and you can check how your site looks to a typical mobile phone user.

Now they’ve taken this idea up a notch with their MobiReady Report. This report allows you to see just how optimized for mobile your site content is. Keep in mind that the mobile Internet is still in it’s infancy, so don’t be surprised if your website doesn’t score well. That being said, if you think it is important that your business be accessible on mobile devices, your web developer should be aware of how your site performed in each of the 28 separate tests. Go ahead and compare your website to some of the dotMobi showcase sites.

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