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Group Coupons – Daily Deal Aggregator, the Aftermarket, and Traveling

We haven’t talked about group coupons in a while and I thought it would be nice if we did, as there are some interesting things happening in that industry.

Many of us subscribe to many different deal sites:,, etc.  There are new entries in to the burgeoning Group Coupon industry all the time and it’s difficult to keep up with them all.

OneSpout to the rescue.  They are a daily deal aggregator that captures all of the group coupon deals that are going on in your city.  This alleviates the need for you to subscribe to all of the deal companies and wade through that pile of email every day.

Looking at the OneSpout roundup for Toronto, there were deal companies I had never heard of like, and  One of the nicest things about this site is that they are showing deals that you still have a few days to purchase. Those might have been lost in your regular email with the onslaught of new deals that you get every day.

But what if you are deal nut and have gone crazy buying every coupon under the sun and now you don’t know what to do with them?

That’s where Lifesta comes in.  Lifesta is an Aftermarket for group coupons. You can sell your coupon at the price you paid for it or less (if you want to unload it fast) and Lifesta takes a cut.

Got coupons for Christmas that you can’t/don’t want to use – you can sell them off here and your family never need be the wiser.

The great thing about the explosion of the group coupon phenomenon is that they are literally EVERYWHERE. You can and should take advantage of that.

Going to Boston this summer and are crazy for horses – you can get a cheapie riding lesson

Jetting off to Edinburgh – you should have bought the Al Dente deal when you had the chance

Is Spain more your scene? The Madrid Groupalia  is offering a one night getaway to San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Let’s take advantage of the daily deal craze before it goes the way of the pogo stick, pogs or MySpace.

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  1. Interesting idea about reselling. I suppose some people build up group coupon clutter. I keep mine in expiry date order and check them from time to time. I also carry mine in my daypack so that when I’m out and about, the coupons are with me.
    After enjoying local discounts, I thought why not keep my eyes open for destination discounts. I’ll be in Scotland in May, so every day I get the Groupon for Glasgow. Looking forward to discounted travel adventures!
    Dealradar is another compilation service like OneSpout.
    Enjoy, and hope you got your Professional Organizing coupon through EthicalDeal last weekend. My company offered a great deal on spring cleaning de-cluttering!

  2. I like using a company called – They are basically a voucher aftermarket for people to sell their unwanted deals or deals they cannot use…or buy deals they missed from sites like groupon. It’s very easy to use and they have a voucher guarantee if you buy the voucher and its not valid they refund you your money. Its really cool. I’ve saved a lot of money selling vouchers i buy spontaneously and never use.

  3. I’ve never used any of the reselling websites, but I’ve been using the deal aggregator site They cover many cities in Canada and US, they even cover the side deals and I like how they sort the deals by categories.

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