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Hootsuite Introduces AutoSchedule for Hootlet

Yesterday, Hootsuite released a convenient add-on for the Hootlet extension, called AutoSchedule. This add-on enables the user to queue multiple tweets automatically and determine the best time to schedule posts based on your social activity and followers. You are able to maximize your reach without swamping your audience.

What is Hootlet?
For anyone who has not heard of this browser extension, Hootsuite released Hootlet back in 2009 and is a neat browser add-on that can save you time when composing posts to send out through Twitter and Facebook. It offers a much easier way to share links through Hootsuite, especially when you are researching content to post on Twitter. When you are on an article that you would like to share, you’d simply click on the Hootlet button on your browser’s toolbar, and a separate dialog box will appear with the tweet already set up with the title of the article or page and the site URL shortened.

According to the Hootsuite blog, the New Hootlet features:

  • AutoSchedule – Enables smart scheduling to maximize reach and impact of your social messaging
  • Custom Content Sharing (Chrome Only) – Select and share specific text and images found on websites via Hootlet
  • New Personalized Options – Allows you to enable or disable the AutoSchedule drop-down menu

Click here to download the Hootlet browser extension and give it a try!

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