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How to Integrate Google Analytics Into Your .TEL

.TEL owners with Google Analytics accounts can measure click and call activity on their .TEL domains. Google Analytics can provide detailed information on who is visiting your .TEL and what they do while on your .TEL pages. This information can be used to improve your promotion methods and modify your content based on which links your visitors are choosing to use. The process itself is simple! Here are step by step instructions on how to integrate Google Analytics into your .TEL.

1. If you don’t have one already, set up a Google Analytics account at Once you have a registered your account, you can create a “Profile” for your .TEL with Google Analytics as described on its site. If using an existing account, select “Add new profile” in your list of current “Website Profiles”.

2. Copy the Tracking Code you are provided by Google Analytics at the end of the profile setup.

3. Log into your .TEL control panel ( if you are a customer) and click on the “Settings” link. Select the “Google Analytics” menu option and paste the Tracking Code in the space provided. Once saved, the code will be added to your .TEL and automatically track all visits. Verify that Google Analytics is displaying a green tick next to your .TEL in your account. This means the setup is complete and tracking is operational.

That’s it! Your .TEL will now be analyzed by Google Analytics and will start providing you with information about who is visiting your .TEL, from where, which keywords are driving them to find you and also which pieces of contact information are most clicked or called. You can also measure image-based ads and Additional Information sections to see how effective these are.

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