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The Domain Launch Schedule Tool: Keeping Track of Your Favourite New Domain Extensions


The new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), also known as new domain extensions, have launched and more new domain extensions will be launching in the next two to three years! While no one has all the dates for each of the extensions, we have created a Domain Launch Schedule tool to help you keep track of important dates and extensions.

Who came up with these dates? Our expert domain scientists at came up with the dates and while some dates may show as “Unknown” or “TBA”, we will work on getting those dates updated quickly!

Whether you only want one of the new gTLDs or you want a hundred, our Domain Launch Schedule tool can help you keep track of them.

For those unfamiliar with the new gTLDs, these are new “dots” that you can choose from. Basically, there will be a new “dot” for anything, from professions to hobbies and everything in between.

Keeping Track of the New Domain Extensions

Step 1

Go to our Domain Launch Schedule page. The first of the new gTLDs were launched in November, and that’s where we began tracking them.

Step 2

With over 1000 new domain extensions, we’ve made it possible for you to monitor the most popular 608 domain names and you can track them in two different ways; 1) Search by Domain Extension or 2) Search by Release Date.

For this example, I am going to use Search by Domain Extension.

12-18-2013 10-03-41 AM

Step 3

Once you click on the down arrow, you can see an expanded list of all the new domain extensions. From here, you can just go through the list to find the domain name that you want. We’ve arranged them alphabetically to make searching for them even easier.


12-18-2013 10-07-33 AM


Step 4

To get the information on the domain, such as what the specific gTLD is, how to potentially use it, restrictions and dates, simply go through the list and find the domain extension you want. For this post, I picked .TIPS.

12-18-2013 11-16-25 AM

Once I select .TIPS, I’ll be able to see information about this domain extension. 

Note: If you click on .TIPS, it will lead you to a page with additional information, such as:  how to use it for yourself or your business and important dates. It also allows you to search for the .TIPS domains you are interested in.

12-20-2013 4-30-11 PM

You’ll see three dates on it and you may wonder what those dates represent. We discuss what these dates, or Launch Phases, are in a previous post about Key Terms Your Business Needs to Know, but as a brief recap:

Sunrise is an exclusive period for trademark holders who want to protect their brand.

Landrush allows you to get the domain name you want early, but at a premium price. You also benefit from having less competition during this phase.

Go Live, or General Availability, is the final phase and prices are normalized. Access is open to everyone.

If you click on the info button right beside the domain itself, you’ll be able to read a brief description of what it is.

How to Secure the Domain Name You Want

Here are two scenarios on how to secure the domain name you want: Scenario A – the gTLD has not been launched yet, and Scenario B – the gTLD is available now.

Scenario A: The gTLD has NOT launched

The first thing that you need to do is to pre-register for the domain name you want at After finding the name you want to secure, simply pre-register for it. Pre-registration is free and you will be notified once the domain becomes available.

Fast forward to the domain’s launch date and you will receive a notification from us informing you of your domain’s availability. At this point, you can convert your pre-registration to a pre-order to reserve your spot on the submission queue. Pre-ordering is also free and you will only be charged if we are able to secure the domain name for you.

Scenario B: The gTLD has launched

When a domain is available, depending on the current phase it is in, you will either have the option to pre-order or register it immediately.

When it is in Sunrise, and if you have a Trademark Clearinghouse validated trademark, you can secure it immediately and protect your brand.

If you are not a trademark holder, you can pre-order it and indicate which phase (Landrush or General Availability) you want to participate in.

Pre-Order the Domains You Want NOW!

Before 2014 arrives, a total of 34 new domain extensions will launch! To ensure that you can secure the names that you want, visit and begin your search today.

Check out our Domain Launch Schedule at and track all the domain extensions that you are interested in! 

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