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Do business with a .CORP domain name

If you think that .CORPORATION as an extension is too long or if .INC doesn’t suit your business, then maybe .CORP will! With the new domain extensions being released this year, businesses will have more options to choose from on which extension represents them best on the Internet.
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The .CORP extension is going to be great for small businesses because, like .INC, of how people associate the word corporation with large business conglomerates. For a small business and being able to secure a .CORP domain, it gives your business a certain level of confidence.

How can you use this extension?

If the .CORP suits your company better than the other business extensions, then just use your name and register YourName.CORP. Your re-branded and re-named domain now matches your company name!

Again, for those who still love your .COM or .CA name, having a .CORP domain can still be useful to you. There is a method called domain forwarding, which simply re-directs anyone who types in your .CORP domain to your .COM or .CA website. It’s a convenient and easy way to keep your customers happy.

Pre-Register NOW

Make sure to pre-register for this gTLD and any other extensions you might be interested in by heading over to

Pre-registering is free, there is no commitment to buy the domain at this point and you’ll be the first to know when your selected pre-registration become available.

All gTLD information is readily available for all individuals. You can access information on this gTLD by going to the .CORP gTLD page which will be updated regularly as more details become available.

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