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Is “To Be Released” code for “Cease and Desist”?

Every week CIRA releases their list of .ca domain names that will be expiring a week later.

At we encourage the prebooking of expiring domain names.  Snatch them up before someone else does!

Or should you?

You see is coming available next week.  You rub your hands with glee.  “Hazzah” you think, “that domain name is a license to print money”!  You imagine William Shatner coming to your next Christmas party.  You start shopping online for a Borg Cube shaped treehouse for your kids.

william-shatner.jpgYou get the name and shamelessly exploit the Star Trek franchise for about a week.

Then you get a phone call from Majel Barrett (Gene Roddenberry’s wife and the voice of the computer) asking you to cease and desist.  While talking to her, there is a knock at the door – it’s the friendly lawyers from Paramount with their cease and desist letter. You begin to worry that your house will self destruct in 4 minutes.

We suggest staying away from trademarked names as they will likely result in some sort of legal tussle and who needs the hassle of that when you can get more bang for your buck with,,, or


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