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It’s official – I ♥ dot CO

CO.pngWhen I heard about .co I immediately groaned and said “not a faux .com domain”.  Yes, I was skeptical.

But I’ve had time to rethink that thought. When I started looking into .co and how they have positioned themselves in the marketplace I changed my mind.

.co sees itself as an opportunity to get the name you really want (and have cleverly set their landing page to ). They use the example of The Madison Group who had and have now been able to rebrand with

I am a bit of a pedant about the original gTLD extensions. In my books .org is for organizations, .net is for ISPs,  and .com is for companies.

.co goes one further than .com – it is right for commercial purposes of course, but then extends to communities and contests – it’s a very clever repurposing of this domain extension. They also suggest communication and content – really the web is their oyster.

With only 400,000 (plus change) .co names registered, there is an amazing opportunity for all you .biz, .net, and .info branded websites to get a well targeted .co name.

Shorter, stronger, better!

There are so many great names still available – here’s a handful:

Click here to search for other .co names, or to register one from the list above.
Learn more about .co at the official .co registry.
Read the latest news about the new .co domain extension.

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