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.MUSIC: The only exclusive domain for the global music community

Unleash the power of music with the exclusive .MUSIC domain name, a unique digital platform dedicated solely to the global music industry and community. This groundbreaking initiative by dotMUSIC is a community-led effort that resonates with musicians, bands, industry professionals and organizations worldwide.

Imagine having a trusted, secure, and verified .MUSIC domain – an authenticated domain identity akin to .EDU or .GOV – that gives you your very own .MUSIC web address. This is what the dotMUSIC initiative offers, providing a safe digital space that echoes your musical identity.

The dotMUSIC Initiative has struck a chord with thousands of music-related entities and organizations. It’s backed by members representing over 95% of music globally, including international bodies representing musicians and featured artists, the independent music community, major labels, major publishers, major collection societies (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), the Recording Academy/Grammys, major distributors, and many other music communities.

Some of the organizations that support the dotMUSIC Initiative.

What is the .MUSIC TLD?

.MUSIC is a community-based TLD that is operated for the benefit of the global music community. It was one of the most highly contested new gTLDs, with eight applicantsRecording Studio in contention. After a long and complex process, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization that oversees the domain name system, awarded the .MUSIC rights to dotMUSIC Limited, a company founded by Constantine Roussos, and independent musician and entrepreneur.

Unlike other generic TLDs like .COM or .NET, .MUSIC has a specific purpose and mission: to create a safe and trusted online space for music, where music creators and consumers can connect, engage, and enjoy music legally and ethically. To achieve this goal, .MUSIC has implemented enhanced safeguards and policies that only legitimate members of the music community can register and use .MUSIC domains.

Why is .MUSIC so special?

Some of the special features of .MUSIC domains are: the nexus requirement and verification process. This means that every .MUSIC registrant must have a clear and logical connection to the music industry. You can’t just register any random name with .MUSIC, you have to prove that you are a bonafide music entity that belongs to the music community.

The nexus requirement and the verification process are two separate requirements for registering a .MUSIC domain.

Nexus Requirement

To establish a nexus with the global music community for eligibility, you must be either a musician, band, or music industry professional. For individuals, they can qualify with their legal name. Unregistered group or performance names require establishing an initial music record or music connections that can be documented or verified before registering the associated domain name. This could be a website, a social media profile, a membership card, a certificate, a press-release etc..

For organizations, they can qualify with their established and understood music brand or company name through registered trademarks and other government-issued documentation. The registry may reserve some geographical, genre, and generic words.

Verification Process

To verify your eligibility for a .MUSIC domain after you’ve established a nexus with the global music community, the applicant must be able to prove they are who they claim to be. They will need to provide proof of their identity, such as a passport, driver’s license, business registration, etc.. This process is conducted by an independent third-party provider that will review the documents and information. They will also check for any conflicts or disputes with .MUSIC Eligibility Checklistexisting trademarks or rights holders. It may take up to 30 days to complete, depending on the complexity of the case and the availability of the documents. Once completed and approved, the applicant will be able to register and use their .MUSIC domain. However, the verification process is not a one-time event. The .MUSIC registry will conduct periodic audits and checks to ensure that the registrants continue to comply with the eligibility criteria and policies set out. If any violations or issues are found, the registrant may lose their .MUSIC domain or face other penalties.

These eligibility features are designed to protect the integrity and credibility of the .MUSIC domain extension and to prevent cybersquatting, piracy, trademark infringement, impersonation, phishing, malware, spamming and other malicious activities that harm the music community and their fans.

What are the benefits of a .MUSIC domain?

By registering and using a .MUSIC domain, you will not only demonstrate your authenticity and professionalism as a member of the music community, but you will also gain trust and recognition from your audience and peers. You will also benefit from built-in security features, such as HTTPS encryption and DNSSEC validation. Even though .MUSIC domains come with built-in security features, you would still need to purchase and install an SSL certificate separately for your domain. The HTTPS security feature built into .MUSIC domains just means that it supports this secure protocol.

But that’s not all! By registering and using a .MUSIC domain, you will also gain access to exclusive features and services that will help you grow your online presence and reach more fans. These features include:


The music world is evolving with the latest technology, including Artificial Intelligence. But to make the most of these new opportunities, the music community and industry need a way to verify their identities online. That’s where .MUSIC ID comes in.

.MUSIC ID is a unique and secure online identity for anyone involved in music. It follows the established rules, policies, and processes of the internet to protect your rights and interests. It’s like a passport for the music industry. You can use it to Listening to music on phoneaccess and benefit from various music services that require verified identities, such as new innovations, secure payments, attribution, tokenization, and more.

The .MUSIC ID also allows you to connect and collaborate with other verified music professionals and fans around the world. You can trust that they are who they say they are, and that your communication and transactions are safe and secure. To get a .MUSIC ID, you need to register for a .MUSIC domain. Once you have that, you can join the .MUSIC HUB, where you can access and leverage marketing services powered by dotMUSIC partners and the .MUSIC Consortium. There will be additional services launched in the future for those with .MUSIC IDs.


While your .MUSIC ID is your ticket to the future of digital and verified music services, .MUSIC HUB is a place where you can access, consume, purchase, and use various Violinistmusic services that are tailored to your needs and preferences.

The .MUSIC HUB is like the Apple App Store®, but for music. It’s where you can find verified music services that work with your .MUSIC ID. The best part is that some of these services are free for the music community, thanks to the .MUSIC Consortium. This consortium is a group of music organizations and experts who are developing and offering foundational verified services for the music community. These services will be integrated into the .MUSIC HUB, so you can start using them as soon as they are available.

At launch, you can enjoy two powerful and free music discovery services with your .MUSIC ID, plus look forward to more free music service:

  • Get premium search results on search.MUSIC, the world’s first music exclusive search engine.
  • Get listed automatically on channels.MUSIC, a global music and targeted promotion platform.
  • .MUSIC ID/Music analytics
  • Advanced Music Search Engine Controls
  • Fan Membership Services
  • Search Engine Branding
  • Promotion & Discovery
  • Industry Directory
  • Private Messaging
  • Collaboration & Networking
  • Music Events Sponsorships
  • Secure Transactions

Understanding the Phases of the .MUSIC Launch

Before .MUSIC domains become available for general registration, there will be several phases of launch that will give priority access to different groups of applicants. These phases are designed to ensure that .MUSIC domains are allocated in a fair and transparent manner, and that the rights and interests of trademark owners, music organizations, and music community members are respected and protected.

The phases of .MUSIC are as follows:

  • Sunrise (September 11, 2023 to November 15, 2023): This is the first phase of the .MUSIC launch, where trademark owners who have registered their marks with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) can apply for .MUSIC domains that match their marks. This phase will last for at least 60 days and will follow a first-come, first-served basis. The TMCH is a centralized database of verified trademarks that was created by ICANN to support the launch of new gTLDs and to protect the rights of trademark owners.
  • Community Access (October 16, 2023 to March 9, 2024): This is the second phase of the .MUSIC launch where community members who meet certain eligibility criteria can apply for .MUSIC domains that match their names or brands. This phase will last for at least 30 days and will follow an auction process if there are multiple applications for the same domain name. The eligibility criteria for this phase are based on the nexus requirements, the verification process, and the use policies of .MUSIC. If your application is approved, you’ll be given a registration token which you can use at Webnames.ca to register you .MUSIC domain.
  • General Availability (starts April 10, 2024): This is the final phase of the .MUSIC launch, where anyone can register domains on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as they meet the nexus requirements, the verification process, and the use policies of .MUSIC. This phase will start after the previous phases are completed and will last indefinitely.

As you can see, the .MUSIC launch will offer different opportunities for different groups of applicants to secure their preferred .MUSIC domain names. However, not all applicants will have the same choice or priority to get their desired names, so it is important to plan ahead and prepare your application accordingly. To increase your chances of getting your. MUSIC domain, you should pre-register your domain at Webnames.ca as soon as possible. Pre-registering will give you priority access to your preferred name when it becomes available for registration in your phase. It is free and non-binding, so you can pre-register as many names as you want without any obligation or commitment.

How to Rock Your Online Presence with a .MUSIC Domain

If you are passionate about music and want to showcase your talent, brand, or business online, then you need a .MUSIC domain name. A .MUSIC domain will help you stand out from Composing musicthe crowd, build your reputation, and grow your fan base. It will also give you access to a global network of music professionals and enthusiasts who share your vision and values.

As a musician, you want to share your music with the world and connect with your fans. That’s why you need to register your .MUSIC domain name with Webnames.ca and start building your own Wix website. To establish your connection to the global music community, a website is a great way to start. With Wix, you can create a dynamic website for your music, with features like:

  • Commission-free music sales and downloads
  • Online merch store
  • Ticketing
  • Electronic press kits and tour promotion
  • Social media integration and email marketing
  • Analytics for music plays, shares, and stats
  • App integrations to help you introduce, share and sell your music
  • Professionally designed music templates
  • Artificial Design Intelligence to help you get started with custom built content pertaining to your music

What are you waiting for? Join the .MUSIC community and let the world hear your music!

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