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Get As Much As You Need Out of Your Canadian Web Hosting Plan

This October, is proud to launch our new Canadian web hosting plans!

Introducing As Much As You Need Hosting! 

As Much As You Need (AMAYN) is a great new feature to all our Canadian web hosting plans. Designed with businesses and entrepreneurs in mind, our Canadian web hosting plans now grow as your business grows.

AMAYN lets you increase your storage and bandwidth to fit the needs of your business, without having to switch to a more expensive plan!

Aside from AMAYN, our web hosting plans also include:

  • Multiple Email Accounts – Each Canadian web hosting plan includes multiple email accounts. This allows you and your team to personalize your email account (YourName@YourDomain) and represent your business professionally!
  • Free Domain Name – A free domain name is included with all plans that have terms of 6 months or longer.
  • Web Presence Builder* – A powerful website builder, Web Presence Builder allows you to build a website with a few clicks of the mouse button!

Hosted in Canada

For Canadian businesses, hosting your website in Canada doesn’t just establish your online presence, it also boosts your visibility and rank on local search engines.

As the need for more accurate search results grow, search engines aim to provide the most relevant and local content to users by detecting the geographic location of the website. Hosting your website in Canada sends a clear message that your business is Canadian and located in Canada!

By hosting your website in Canada, your data is safe from the US Patriot Act or PRISM. This ensures that your data is safe and private!

Learn more about As Much As You Need Hosting at

*Included in Advantage and Pro Plans only

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