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New Cybele Negris Article: What’s Your Tech Backup? CEO and Co-Founder, Cybele Negris’ latest article on is now available. In this article, she talks about important tech backups and redundancies that every business needs to know.

Last Friday, Gmail went down for an hour  and this was long enough to generate a lot of social media noise. More than just an inconvenience, a lot of businesses reliant on Gmail saw disruptions in their entire operations. One business owner tweeted: “Gmail is down. Yikes, my personal mail and my whole company, unplugged. C’mon Google hurry up and fix this please.”

Even in today’s business world, nothing is fail-safe. Businesses need redundancy check and backups for every scenario.

In Ms. Negris’ latest article, she covers backups for your: 

1. Domain and DNS

2. Website

3. Email

4. Cloud storage

5. Internet connectivity

6. Office power backup

Read  the original article on that appeared on PROFITguide, here.

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